Tuesday 26 October 2010

Baby bonus

I have quite a few things I want to do today – bake some healthy muffins for the kids for afternoon tea, do a lot of washing, take Lil-lil to the GP for her vax, do some more washing. One thing I won't be doing is signing up to a certain service where I can pay to find out first what Lleyton and Bec Hewitt have called their newest addition.

I mean, I didn't even know she was pregnant. So paying for the privilege of receiving an SMS to find out they've called it Brooklyn or Moses or whatever, not really my thing. It all seems, well, just a touch tacky. Yes, I know they're not known for their taste.

I'm all for celebrities taking control of how information is presented to their fans, but this reeks of drama and attention seeking to me. Holding on to the name for an extra week to build up drama, perhaps get a few more subscribers to pay 2 bucks a pop? Hmmmm.

I think they should take a look at Jamie and Jools Oliver. After the birth of his son, Jamie released the news and a pic almost immediately for free over Twitter. Soon after the family posed for photos outside the hospital looking radiant, Jools proudly showing off her baby belly and looking like a blissfully happy mum who'd just had a baby. No drama, all class. Sure there were some raised eyebrows over the name (they are celebs after all), but I think everyone admired the fact they behaved like normal excited parents. Natural and honest. No hiding away until the paid-for glamour spread appeared in a magazine.
Personally, I'm more inclined to watch one of Jamie's shows or take a look at his books, because the way they handle themselves is more appealing. I'm not going to roll my eyes when he pops up on the telly.
Isn't this what celebs are after anyway?

Anyhoo, back to baking those muffins and hanging out the first load of washing....


  1. I totally agree with you. I could never stand Lleyton Hewitt, he actually turned me off tennis with his come on

    Bec was a lovely down to earth girl use to watch her in Home & Away (yes use to watch that show till it went silly)

    Since both of them got married to each other they are now both really silly & I have no time for them at all.

    Jamie is such a lovely fellow & his wife is wonderful as well. I love Jamie on tv & his family when he includes them.

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Oh, Corinne, I like your thinking. Very well put. J x

  3. oh I love jamie and jools, they are so lovely.
    I'm supposed to be baking pumpkin muffins today, I keep meaning to put this netbook down and get started... but I don't.

  4. Said perfectly.
    I am sooo over celebrities and especially those who want to create a big deal out of things that people experience every day.
    I am all for wanting to control your privacy. I get that. Fine. But they're not doing it out of pricacy, they're doing it to make a quick buck and get themselves back in the limelight.

    One thing Hewitt's; Nobody gives a fuck about you and your life. We didn't care with the first we certainly don'twith number 3.
    I am sort of hoping that no one subscribes, and then they realise what a flop they are. But we wouldn't wantto provoke one of Lleyton's famous tanties now would we? Lol.

    Good on the Oliver's!! I didn't know they posed for photo's leaving the hospital. Go Jools!!! I always loved them, and this just made me more. Women need to see that it's normal to leave the hospital still wearing your maternity clothes. Heck its normal to still be wearing them at the said babies first birthday!! Lol.

  5. Couldn't agree more! great post. i wish i was a mama who could cook healthy muffins! Wait maybe I can be too, you have inspired me. love the recipe if you care to share

  6. Worth a thought. Go Jamie and Jools

  7. they've had three kids? wow. hadn't noticed.


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