Friday 15 October 2010

By George, I wish I had it

I wish I was like this George...
...but I'm more like this George.

I've talked about this before, but I've been reminded of it in a big way today. Finding something that gets you jumping out of bed in the morning, excited, passionate. Earning a living from doing something you really truly enjoy. What a gift that would be.

This morning while driving home from Lil-lil's ballet class, I heard chef and Mastechef judge George Calombaris being interviewed by Richard Fidler. George talked about how lucky he felt that every morning he didn't go to work, he went and did something he loved – and just happened to get paid for it. I wish it could be like this for everyone, it should be like this for everyone.

Instead, I often feel like another George – George Costanza. I know I've mentioned this scene before too, but unfortunately it just resonates with me, I know exactly how Costanza feels here. I seem to obsess about finding the 'perfect' job, doing something with my life that I genuinely love that will give my family everything they need. I know Skip feels like this too. Actually, I'm sure most people do.

Are you one of the lucky ones who makes a living doing something you love, or are you like me and still searching?


  1. I wish i could say i was either. Instead i just seem to hide from the mess of it all.
    I am green with envy for those who can make a comfortable living doing what they love. I really am. It all seems a bit like a fairytale to me. Maybe because i look at the mountain i would need to climb and i focus too much on the problems, the hardships i would be faced with if i did climb it, and i just give up and instead settle to stroll around instead of diving in and getting up there so i can enjoy the view from the top.

  2. George Costanza is a god!

    That's all I have to say ;)

  3. I like it enough. But I'd rather I was George Clooney, to be honest. An Italian Villa would suit me just fine ;) x

  4. Clever rin... I love the double george analogy!.... I feel im close to experiencing my passion as my work, rather than just being a hobby... But in every dream there is a harsh reality! thats what im learning...x

  5. Oh I heard that too and thought the same thing! I would love to be so passionate about work rather than just making do like I always have.

    Have a great weekend x

  6. Oh Corinne.. I agree i just enjoy watching the first George at his work... he is good

  7. Yep, i'm a lucky one, but i made it happen. By the time i was 23 i had 2 Uni degrees, 2 years of marriage & a baby in my belly. I worked when i was a mummy of one but it didn't really fit with being married to a soldier who was always away, then my opportunity struck when i had twins. I had been sewing since i was pregnant with my first child so when i had twins (i was 26 by this stage) i happily retired & turned my hobby into a business, working from home (hello internet) & 9 years later i'm supporting my family, private high school next year, the works. I love it, so happy. I had a 4th child, he's in year 1 now & i couldn't be happier. Sure my soldier still goes to war & we miss him, but we're looking at buying land, building a home, starting a farm & business keeps growing. I love it, i appreciate it, it works for our big family. Trust me, your children need you to be there when they are ready, not in your time, i love that i'm there for them. Who cares about what i studied versus what i do now, it's all about being the mother my children need & the wife who is always available for when my husband is home. It can happen, i worked damn hard to set myself up this way, next stop, early retirement!! Love Posie

  8. I was the chef George for most of my adult life. (Well not him exactly, but doing something I loved.) Firstly a journalist, then magazine features writer, travel writer, editor, freelance writer, author etc ... I still love writing but I don't want to tell other peoples' stories, I want to tell my own. And I'm also thinking of retraining in a different career.


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