Thursday 21 October 2010


Four years ago today, my little fairy princess arrived. All 2.5kg of her, eyes wide open, mouth gaping but not making a sound. A perfect, tiny bundle.

It's been quite a journey these past four years. Tears (Lil-lil's and mine), lots of laughter and even more love – oh so much love. I can't quite believe that that teeny tiny bub is now a lanky preschooler, towering over her ballet classmates. How did that happen? Where has the time gone? It feels like just a couple of months ago that I wrote this post on her third birthday. I wish that I could bottle this time.

I feel incredibly blessed to have Lil-lil in my life. She's everything that I would like to be myself – clever, beautiful, funny and kind. Each day she grows up just a little more and is a little more special. She loves anything glittery, sparkly, pink or purple. She loves adventure. She loves to help people. She wants to be a princess or ambulance driver when she grows up, she's not quite sure – there's plenty of time to work that out Lil-lil.

Happy birthday, my fairy princess. I love you so much, more than I thought possible. The joy you bring into our lives and those of all who know you is more precious than gold. I hope you have the most wonderful day and that life brings you all that you deserve. Just know that your dad, Goosey and I love you, Lil-lil!


  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful four-year-old! Enjoy xx

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Girl (((( Hugs ))))

    Cheerish every second kids go up so quickly & move out before you know it.

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope she has a wonderful day and you take some time to toast to your efforts and success in shaping her to be the fabulous kid she is! Enjoy x

  4. Happy Birthday Lil!
    Wow, where did that go and how my dear friend are you possibly the mother to a four year old girl. Wasn't I just sitting in the playground with you only yesterday?
    She is truely gorgeous and sounds an awful lot like her mother to me. xx

  5. Happy birthday to my favourite God daughter! What a lovely little lady she is, such a gorgeous thing and growing up so fast. It does seem rather crazy that you have a 4 year old. How time has flown by. Have a lovely day today and look forward to seeing you on Saturday to celebrate.

  6. happy birthday to the pink princess!! I hope you all had a lovely day with a few sweet treats to celebrate!! xx

  7. Happy Birthday, Princess!!

  8. Thank you, everyone! We all had a great day. Lots of eating! Lots of fun!

  9. Happy birthday Lil-Lil. You are much loved so you are much blessed. x


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