Saturday 30 October 2010

Dinner, drinks, laughs and panadol

It's Saturday, yet again! Time to share what I'm grateful for...

* Good friends - dinner, a glass of wine and a lot of laughs with good friends can be medicine for the soul.

* Panadol – feverish kids this week has meant I've been grateful for paracetamol giving them a bit of relief.

* Gluten-free bakeries – being able to buy a sweet treat that all my friends can enjoy.

What are you grateful for this weekend? Join in with Maxabella Loves... grateful Saturday.


  1. I like dinner, wines and laughs with friends followed by a baked good followed by a panadol. x

  2. PS - hope the kids are on the mend. Fevers are rough when you're little. x

  3. Good wine is always good when its followed by a Panadol and a good treat! xO

  4. I agree totally with the above post! Its nice to be grateful...

  5. Hope the kids are on the mend.
    Wine and gluten free bakeries make me grateful too!

  6. Can you imagine life without baby panadol. I think I might start giving a bottle to new mums, you have no idea how much you are going to go through!

  7. Hope you little ones are better, and yay! to the meal with friends as well. Sounds perfect.

  8. A was driving down the road the other day and saw a big burly guy waving frantically to another big burly guy on the other side of the road. When the 2nd guy saw him, he ran across the road laughing and waving all the way. I couldn't help smiling and thinking how great it is to have good friends that make us that happy!


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