Friday 22 October 2010

Friday nights ain't what they used to be...

 Once upon a time, I used to wind up work on a Friday at 5.30pm and hit the pub with friends. Sometimes, work actually finished at 12.30pm as a long Friday lunch led to the pub. Relaxing, blowing off steam. It looked a little like this...

These days, things have changed.  Fridays look a little more like this...

Some days I wouldn't swap it for anything. Others, well, others it might be nice to amongst once again. Just for a night.


  1. Sounds like you need a night out with the girls!! Only you might need an afternoon nap with the children before you head out!! It's so much fun when you're let loose, but for me, a really good dinner, laugh & talking until we're the last gals left at the restaurant does the trick for me!! My children have a bigger social life than me, love Posie

  2. Oh yes, life is surely different. I would love a weekend at a spa retreat. Charmaine

  3. I am just back from after work drinks, it was god fun, but kids were up when I got home...not so fun.

  4. thoughts exactly tonight Corinne! Hey, pencil in 1st november for steam letting off. Love to have a few drinkies and maybe a sneaky fag for old times sake with you (which would actually be new times sake with you!)

  5. I hear you Rin, it is quite sad how much I look forward to my new Friday night - a pizza, a movie and a bottle of red.
    The old me would have been at a bar on the Southbank of the Thames from 4pm with the other teachers and my new Friday night could have been any week night.
    I really crave a shot at my old Friday night just once in a while. I know it isn't going to happen anytime soon - maybe not even for a year - depressing thought..


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