Wednesday 27 October 2010

Life in the slow lane

Earlier this week I talked about taking the rush out of my kids' lives. I wanted to slow things down a notch. Often, being a stay-at-home mum, I feel compelled to get them out seeing, experiencing, learning. I think this is due to a mix of the girls needing lots of stimulation and that I don't want them to miss out on learning experiences that other kids in care/preschool may be getting. It's probably due to my own insecurities that pop up when people are surprised they're not in some sort of care. I hear a lot of: "Really? You will send them to preschool at some stage though??"

Sure, they do swimming, ballet and go to preschool-type class with their Grandma, they're not locked up in their room twiddling their thumbs. They spend almost every afternoon playing in our local park with the local kids, so they socialise a lot, but I still feel pangs of guilt of 'Am I doing the right thing'. Which I know will happen whatever I do.

Anyway, back to the point of my post which is this – I wanted to stop rushing around as much, take advantage of the time at home together (which will end next year when Lil-lil does go to preschool), live the slow life. So, on Sunday with the rain pelting down we watched old home movies together as a family. It was fabulous! Seeing how the girls have grown, remembering all the little things they used to do which we'd forgotten and the girls thought it was great to watch a movie where they were the stars. In the afternoon we made pasta. It was messy and fun, plus we had enough for two yummy dinners.

On Monday, we stayed in our PJs until lunchtime. The girls painted, coloured in, danced and played with their toys. Yesterday, we baked muffins together. This was an idea I got from Pink Patent Mary Janes, a lovely way to spend some time with the girls, they love helping out in the kitchen and we have some healthy treats that I know aren't filled with fat, salt or sugar.

Now the week is starting to get busier and we are getting out and about a little more, but I feel relaxed from the gentle time at home and I think the kids do too.

What things do you like to do at home? Give me some inspiration!


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