Tuesday 5 October 2010

Mind travel Tuesday

To be perfectly honest with you, I'd rather be almost anywhere else today than at home where I am. I'm a little tired, grumpy and in need of some 'me' time. I can't get away, so I thought I'd take a little holiday in my mind. Come, join me.

I would quite like to be here today:
Litchfield National Park, NT.

This is me sitting in Buley's Rockholes. Fresh cool water cascading over my shoulders, I'd sit here all day, only getting out to snack or get a drink. The trees provide perfect shade and, truly, it's one of the most magic places I've been.

How could you be grumpy immersed in this water? It's impossible!

When we travelled around Australia, this was a common set-up. Our car, cooker, table and chairs. Nothing else needed. No fancy tarps, trailers, generators. Peace and quiet, fabulous locations, solitude. This is five-star accommodation to me. I would love to transport myself to this spot. Basic, but bliss.

Our faithful Hilux 'Fernley' (named after Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall) took us to some of the most superb spots in the country. This time in our life was pure freedom. We would wake up and stay if we wanted or else hit the road and go wherever the wind blew us. Some days we slept under the stars and others we checked into a motel and washed the sand from our skin. Everything was stripped back, all we needed was fuel in the car, water in our tank and food in the fridge (we had a fridge in our car), anything else was baggage and superfluous. Days like today when I'm feeling a little world weary, feeling weighed down by chores, bills and routine, I imagine being somewhere like this.

 And, if I couldn't resurrect Ferns for one last bush bash, I'd love be sitting at this table at the Banana Leaf Cafe in Hoi An, Vietnam. Watching the bikes and boats motor past as I ate White Rose, stuffed squid and banana pancakes. Sipping local beer, a cocktail or pineapple juice.

Watching these ladies work, gossip and live life. Soaking in the sights, smells and sounds of one of my most favourite places in the world. Eating and living like a king for the price of a McValue meal.

Where would you like to travel to this Tuesday?


  1. I would like to travel to where my Unit is clean & not the mess it's in at the moment.

  2. Unsurprisingly, I often mind travel back to Tokyo in 2007! I also fantasize about hiding out in a little laneway bar in Melbourne.

  3. Ooh thanks for the trip. I have been a little like this today too. I have Tuesday-itis and I want to be in my new home and NOT on a sofa bed for another night. 3 more sleeps...3 more sleeps

  4. I would go back to my honeymoon - lazing around on Tokoriki Island, Fiji. Lazing in a hammock reading a book, sipping on cocktails, trying to decide whether to have another swim or eat a delicious lunch - pure bliss.
    Sorry I missed you last night - not kind at all, completely true. We must chat - I have some news (no, not pregnant).

  5. It's Tuesday, which means I am going to Paris!! Which really means I am going to clean my bathrooms, but someday, I just might get there for real.

  6. Wow, that all looks so fabulous. Hope you are feeling better. I have been prone to grumpiness as well. Nice to know I'm not alone at least! :)

  7. Oh yippee, i love the Buley Water Holes, all 4 of our children were born in Darwin so we'd take them down to Litchfield often. Always touch & go, always crocodile sitings & eye peeled. I day dream at the clothes line, great way to come up with new ideas & inspiration while doing housework. Enjoy those girls of yours - just read your profile, my 4 watched Princess Bride yesterday, never fails that movie, so delightful, love Posie

  8. wow Corinne, for a moment I went with you to all those places. Love to know more about your travels around Aus!

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