Tuesday 13 October 2009

TV daze

When I was a bright young thing, I used to care about all kinds of causes, loved a heated debate on politics or the state of the world. Would often just sit and ponder about all kinds of deep and meaningful topics. I was passionate about changing the world.

Somewhere along the way my brain has been zapped. Maybe it's from watching too much TV. Maybe it's from three long years of extreme sleep deprivation. Maybe it's from having kids. Or maybe my brain has just given up the ghost. I now find when it comes to current affairs and the like, it takes an extreme subject to get my blood boiling. However, give me something completely ridiculous or mundane and it can really raise my blood pressure.

There were two recent events that made me come to this realisation. The first was the Blog This! challenge about making a movie of your life. I mentioned that my life story would be similar to a Seinfeld plot and this is oh so true. Then the other night I was lying in bed at 3am after being awoken by Lil-lil and I couldn't get back to sleep, I wasn't worrying about climate change or the rise in interest rates. I wasn't worried about poverty or the middle east. I kept wondering why our next door neighbours took our garbage bin instead of there's. Our's is nice and shiny and new. There's is old and scruffy. They both have our house numbers written in bold, black ink. There's no way they could have mistaken our bin as there bin. It's petty, I know, but I was consumed by it. 

Our car has also developed a terrible stench. It didn't catch it from a stinky valet parking attendant. In fact, we're not quite sure how the pong got there. For about a week, the smell just developed a life of its own and made every journey almost unbearable. I worried about if the odour would ever pack its bags and get the hell out of our car. After some intensive treatment at the car wash, the stink has gone, so we didn't have to park it in a dodgy laneway with the keys in the ignition. It was just another episode in the life of Corinne that is straight out of Seinfeld. Skip and I often have long conversations about inane things, not unlike the chats Jerry has with George, Elaine and Kramer at the coffee shop.

So is my life destined to be just a reenactment of a '90s sitcom or will the passion once again return. How do you keep the fires of your mind burning? 


  1. I still watch the 7.30 Report and Lateline and the occassional episode of Q & A. Yep, it's all tv but I can't get into reading a lengthy diatribe unless it's something I'm really passionate about. Otherwise, I am consumed by the inane and pointless.

    I enrolled in my course because I thought that might stop the brain rot but I think in some ways it's made things worse!

  2. haha nice post. Life is like a Seinfeld ep sometimes. good to see the humour in it though at all times particularly when someone is breathing down your neck in post office queue. (re: other post)
    I keep my cogs burning by.... reading lots of blogs I think!!! Current affairs? meh. pretty numb to them too.


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