Wednesday 7 October 2009

My life on the silver screen

This post is part of the Blog This! website 19 challenge. I have to answer :

'If they made a movie of your life, what would be the main issue/event and who would be the main characters? Feel free to elaborate on actors, directors, cinematographers, soundtrack etc'

If my exciting (ha!) life made the silver screen its plot would seem a lot like Seinfeld: The Movie except, of course, it would be Corinne: The Movie. The heroine would be played by Scarlett Johannsen, as she's the only blonde seductress that could truly carry off the complex role of Corinne. Skip would be played by Johnny Depp, because umm, why the hell not? Lil and Goosey, would be played by one of the Olsen twins and that blonde kid from War of the Worlds. I can hear Oscar calling already...

As the movie has a gorgeous blonde as its star and delves into the boring - yet deadly - mixed up world of the everyday, there can only be one director - Alfred Hitchcock.

The soundtrack would feature grungey music of the early '90s (like Nirvana and Alice in Chains) mixed with late '90s Britpop (Pulp and Blur).

If you put all these elements together, Corinne: The Movie would be a hard rock with a twist of pop film noir suspense all about nothing.


  1. Ahhhh rin....escapism is sometimes the only reality we have in life!!! Ill go along with Scarlet but maybe if we are playing makebelieve why not go James Dean for Skip... Ah... memories of going to the Opeheum to watch Mr Dean double headers! Do you remember? x

  2. Shell - how could I forget! Actually I did forget, but thanks for reminding me!

  3. Ummm, can't wait to see that movie on the big screen!! ;) Congratulations on winning the challenge!!


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