Friday 23 October 2009

Weathering heights

Sorry I haven't been a very dedicated blogger this week, things have been busy... I actually hate using that excuse. It's all wrapped up in my loathing for small talk, that I've mentioned once or twice before. It seems that everyone in Sydney is busy, always so busy, too busy to do anything. People always say to me: "You must be so busy." The truth is, I'm not really that busy at all. In fact, I often have days where I twiddle my thumbs and wonder what on earth I'm going to do to fill in the time. Of course, there are always lots of things I should be doing - like cleaning out the cupboard, sorting out the broken toys, gardening - but whoever wants to do those things? Certainly not me. I think generally people make their lives more complicated than they need to be or just make their lives busy so they have something to small talk about.

Another of my least favourite conversations is weather. "It's going to be a hot summer." People say this every September/October without fail. 
I also love/hate the negative/positive weather convo. It goes something like this: "Goodness, this rain is getting a bit much, but we really do need it for the dams" or "This wind is just terrible, good for getting the washing dry though". 
There is a little old lady I know and they only conversations we have ever had is about the weather. "Oooh it's going to be a hot one today, make sure you stay inside out of the sun" "Oooh it's very brisk out today, make sure you stay inside where it's warm". Poor love, no wonder she's a virtual shut-in, her only contact with the outside world is to get her weather report from me.

The problem for me is though, while I detest small talk, I also hate people who open up and share way too much in a first meeting. At a playgroup recently a mum told me in great detail all about her fertility problems. Waaaaay too much information for me between playdough and story time.

So what's the answer? Become a shut-in and just blog. 

Have a top weekend.


  1. I made an effort last year to never answer with "busy" or "stressed" when asked, "How are you?"

    I'm also determined never to whinge about how much work I have to do - I'm a freelancer, I need to whoop with joy when I have too much work to do!

    However, I am obsessed with the whole weather and how well, or poorly it will treat my garden/washing. Such a nana...

    how was Melbourne - need an update - particularly on your eating!

  2. You wouldn't like my job then, LOL!! My conversations with the elderly patrons veer between discussing the weather and being told way too much about prostate operations. I realise I may be one of their few social outlets but some days it gets all too much.

  3. My neighbour suffers from 'too much information' syndrome. First time I met her (day after moving) she knocked on our gate, proceeded to tell me her life story and told me we should cut a hole in the fence so the kids could play.

    Um, a nice to meet you would have been sufficient.

    Oh, and I'm never busy either. People always exclaim at how 'busy' I must be with 4 kids blah blah. Fact is, I'm bored silly and waste far too much time on the computer. :)

  4. Yeah, even though the weather and 'busy' conversations are boring, they do have to be better than overshare on first meeting. I think the small talk topics are different depending on where you live. Sydney loves real estate and traffic, Melbourne loves football, but everyone worldwide seems to have weather as the reliable social lubricant that is the real purpose of small talk. Well, I have managed to small talk for too long....and am in danger of must sign off!

  5. I think I was having a bit of a cranky day!

    Linda - will give an update very soon. Once I've digested it all!

    Sarah- yes, I can imagine the sorts of convos you have at work!

    Alex - Oh dear! That's a bit full-on for a first meeting.

    Lanie - that's very true about the parochial small talk, Nothing better than a chat about traffic!

  6. Try living in the UK! Weather is an essential part of the conversation - amazing, when it is always the bloody same! Ooh I predict today will be grey, with a touch of drizzle. The only way you know it is winter and not summer is that it gets dark at 4pm. Oh bugger, talking about the weather again, my excuse is that it is actually a communicable disease in this country. Hope Lil-Lil had a great party! xx

  7. I hear you! Staying in and blogging is the only answer.
    Thank-you for your lovely comments about my blog (on your interview on Blog this and on your post). It has made my day. I enjoy your blog too.


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