Tuesday 6 October 2009

Should I make it a clean sweep?

It feels like everyone I know has a cleaner. I tell Skip this and he doesn't believe me, but it's true. Every fortnight all of my friends have a friendly little team of people come to their house to scrub away their soap scum, mop their floors and dust their ornaments. 

Am I the only sucker who still drags out the vacuum cleaner every once and a while? Grabs the Gumption and make my tub gleam? 

I'm having this internal battle with myself at the moment of whether I should throw away mop and bucket and hire a cleaner. It would be so wonderful to have someone come and make the house sparkle twice a month. Then I think - I'm home every day, why can't I keep the $50 and just do it myself? I'm scared that if I take the plunge, I'm going to want more. In fact, I know I'll want more!

If I have someone who cleans up my filth, then why can't someone do my washing. If I can have someone doing my washing, why can't someone do my cooking. Then I'll want the shopping done. Then I'll want a nanny. Then I'll want an interior designer. Then I'll want a gardener. Then I'll want a full-time hair and make-up person. Maybe then I can finally lie on the lounge, eat chocolate and watch day times soaps like I was promised when I gave up 'working'. 


  1. No, you're not the only one - I too have no cleaner, butler, barista, PA, or one of the many other assistants I have a whim for at various times in my life.

    I had one at one stage and while I enjoyed the clean house for a day, I didn't enjoy the frantic tidying beforehand or the fact that she never, ever wiped the bathroom tap-stems (they get really grotty!)

    One of my friends who has a cleaner who does bathrooms and floors and that's it - I could cope with that...

  2. It seems everyone in my mothers group has cleaners, it's bizarre. I've never had one. I go on a cleaning rampage once a month (asides from the usual vacuuming, toilet cleaning and the other stuff), it's all I can muster against our current house. I feel like I'm fighting a futile battle against years of house abuse. Maybe I should hire someone else to fight it.

  3. Maybe we could share a cleaner/nanny Sarah and just go out for coffee??


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