Friday 9 October 2009

Giddy up!

I can't wait for Saturday! I'm hitting the track with some lovely ladies, while the men stay at home with the kids. A few bets, some bubbles and more than a few laughs will be the order of the day. As much as I love the girls, a few hours kicking up my heels is going to be bliss - especially as those said heels just got wee-d on!

The girls I'm going with are ooooollllld friends, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. A couple of them I've known since I was five, the rest I befriended in year 7. A couple of them have never been to the track before so it's going to be a riot. Of course they'll be the obligatory '7 red is best' debate, actually I don't think there's any debate about it.

There really is nothing better than a few hours with the girls, giggling about all those silly things you laugh at. 

Now if the sun would just come out, it will be a perfect day! Watch out Rosehill, the girls are a'comin.


  1. Hope you have a fab time!

    It's good to escape out of the "prison" once in a while.=)


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