Friday 4 March 2011

Playground pick-ups

My Lil-lil is a social butterfly. She loves nothing more than having a playmate, someone to skip with, someone to join her in her imaginary world, someone to giggle with. Being such an outgoing lass she rarely has trouble to get someone to join in her fun. Goosey, on the other hand, is not fussed, she's happy to play by herself or join in when she feels like it.

Lil-lil's efforts to pick-up a friend do make me chuckle though. Watching her can sometimes remind me of a desperate guy in a nightclub, she prowls and pick her target and then uses one of her tried and true pick-up methods. Yesterday, there was just one other little girl at the park who definitely wasn't looking for a playmate, but that wasn't going to deter our Lil-lil.

Her first tactic was to casually play near the other girl and then look up surprised: "Oh hello! Do you want to play with me?" The other girl scurried away.

Not to be deterred Lil-lil ran up and introduced herself and said 'Let's play!' The girl ran away again.

Lil-lil started to look confused. Like, is she crazy, how could she not want to play?!

This time she sat next to the girl and said: "I don't have anyone to play with". Yet again, the girl ran away.

So, Lil-lil pulled out the big guns and circled the girl and cried loudly: "I'm so sad, I don't have anyone to play with" repeatedly. Nope, no response again.

Lil-lil ran back to me and slumped on the ground. "No-one wants to play with me." She truly can't understand that someone won't fall under her spell. I had to explain that sometimes there are going to be people who won't want to play, they just want to be by themselves. She looked at me like I was insane.

At that moment, one of her mates arrived and she was off in a bubble of giggles. The playground pick-up attempt all forgotten.


  1. hilarious rin! Ahhh...the life of a fun time party girl!! I like her style...and persistance!x

  2. I love that playground persistence -- it will serve her well in life! : )

  3. I was much like Lil-lil when I was a kid. It wasn't until I grew up, I understood why people like their alone time. Now I can't have that without people thinking I'm insane! Haha.

  4. I was like that as a child too. I distinctly remember episodes just like this. I also went through a phase of bribing kids to play with me, by keeping a bunch of feathers from my grandparents budgies in my pockets, which I would give to kids who would agree to play with me. I cringe at the thought now!

  5. That is SO cute. My friends have often referred to my Angus as a drunk guy in a pub, leaning and cuddling all the girls, hehe.
    It's hard to explain to them at that age, the world is such an innocent place, where everything is black & white.

  6. So cute! She'll no doubt have a lot of friends and be a great person to hang out with when she's older! Thanks for following my blog. Love keeping up with your adventures x

  7. Awwww that is so cute! My little one was the same as yours at that age. Heartbreaking to watch their attempts get rebuffed isn't it! But thankfully with such a personality your little Lil-lil will always be surrounded by mate!

  8. Oh my goodness that was a pleasure to read. LOVE the faux surprise ... "Oh! Did you want to play with me?"


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