Wednesday 9 March 2011

Housewife woes

Last night, I was inspired to write a post about Annabel Crabb's wonderful column for International Women's Day yesterday about career women needing a wife more than quotas on boards. I had so much I was going to write, it was going to be insightful and witty and thought-provoking. You would have been nodding your head along with my words.

Today arrived and I'm feeling a bit meh. I don't think I can add too much to Annabel's column other than it's definitely true and applies very much to our life. Go on, go take a read of it. Let me know your thoughts.

Today, the only things that are getting me really riled up are my neighbours putting their bins in the street all day to 'bags' their car spot when they get home at night and the fact my home doesn't have a yum cha cart doing rounds of my lounge room. Which is really quite sad. I'm lacking passion and enthusiasm today.

Seriously, if my neighbours could realise that it's seriously selfish to mind a car spot in a busy inner-west street and a cart from Sea Treasure laden with dumplings, squid and lobster could appear in my lounge room, life would be pretty damn good.


  1. Do you want me to come and reverse into their bin for you, petal? x

  2. Please! There are about four houses in my street that do it, can you do all of them? Ta. x

  3. A Yum Cha cart in the lounge room? What a great idea.


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