Saturday 26 March 2011

Grateful for the right to vote

If you're in NSW, you'll know it's election day. A day that's felt long overdue for a lot of people in this state.

As we went to vote this morning Lil-lil asked: "What's voting?"
I told her it's how we get choose the boss of NSW. "I'd like to be the boss of NSW," she replied.
When asked what she'd do if she was the boss, she said: "I'd stand up and tell everyone what I want to do. Like how I have to stand up to my little sister and tell her I'm the big sister and I do what I want to do."

I wish I could have voted for Lil-lil today, she seems more together than the politicians.

Even though I voted half-heartedly this morning, which is not like me at all, I'm still grateful for the right to vote. So many people, women, in this world don't have that right.

What are you grateful for? Play along with Maxabella Loves....
Have a good one!


  1. My vote's for Lil-lil too. Honestly, I've never felt so apathetic and torn - not much of a choice at the moment. But I'll still spend my time numbering all those little boxes, just to make sure my least-favourites come last.

  2. Yes, I am grateful for the right too.
    It was a tough decision this year.

    Your daughter is amazing.

    I told my 4 yr olds that we were going to vote for who was going to be charge and make the rules.
    They were very disappointed about the "boat" though and not going to the river.

  3. Gosh! I wish I couldn't voted for Lil-Lil today. It was a tough day for voters in our electorate, let me assure you! Thanks so much for the link up and for reminding me that it is actually a privilege to vote x

  4. No voting here today, as I'm in Qld ... but I so agree that voting is something to be grateful for.

    Nothing annoys me more than people who take it for granted and loudly proclaim they don't vote, or they do donkey votes.

    Sounds like your Lil-lil has the right idea!


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