Thursday 10 March 2011

On a jet plane

Is there anything more exciting than boarding a plane and taking off to the skies? It doesn't matter where you're going, cause when you're on a plane you're going somewhere. The smell of the jet fuel, the overpriced stale sandwiches, the to-ing and fro-ing of people departing and arriving. I love the buzz of the airport.

It's been waaaay too long since I've been overseas. My honeymoon, in fact, was the last time I left our shores. Almost six long years ago. So much has happened in that time too.

We've just booked some flights. Not overseas. Barely out of the state actually. But flights nonetheless. We are going somewhere. A long Easter escape, I can't wait! A week at the beach, dining at my favourite restaurant, playing on the sand with the girls, long lazy days. Making the most of the last few warm days before the weather turns. I'm making sure Skip leaves the Blackberry at home, or else it might end up in the drink.

We were hoping to take a big trip overseas this year, but flights to Europe for four people are expensive! Plus, with Skip's new position this holiday will be the last for a while. Oh well, this little escape will certainly hold me over to the next holiday.

Now, just six weeks to go....

Are you jetting off somewhere soon?


  1. No planes for us, but we are going on some thrilling road trips. We will be hitting the capital over Easter so we can go to Cockington Green (someone wants to look at model buildings) and Questacon. Not terribly exciting but I'm quite looking forward to the change in scenery and not having to work :).

  2. Oooh, bon voyage! Sounds absolutely lovely - and yes, make Skip leave the blackberry at home! x

  3. We've just been on one - my first since our honeymoon too. I was excited but a little nervous about travelling with a toddler. Our little man only enhanced the experience! His absolute, unadulteratered, trembling excitement was so sweet - and contagious!!

    Happy dreaming and planning over the next six weeks. :-)

  4. yay! and yes!! and you know all about too lady...!! Excitement plus 100, as I didnt even think it would be possible to travel overseas again! x

  5. I'm dying to fly somewhere far away! It's been a year since I flew anywhere...though to be honest I'm not looking forward to looking forward to dragging 4 kids onto a plane anytime soon :)

  6. How exciting! Any break away is a treat as far as I'm concerned and it sounds like you've got all the right moves lined up for your trip :o)
    We haven't been ANYWHERE since I was 3 months pregnant with our 8 month old. We are not likely to go anywhere for sometime yet either.
    Definitely leave the blackberry at home... those things drive me nuts!

  7. Emma in Singas!10 March 2011 at 21:25

    Yes we are! Back home for a visit, after Miss Laue makes her appearance!

    Also I used to feel the same about airports. They used to give me that happy, floaty, butterfly feeling in my stomach. Not so much now though. After traveling long haul every 6 months or so with a baby/toddler, they begin to loose their sparkle....


  8. Ooh, how exciting, it sounds like a well deserved break! Have a wonderful time, can't wait to read about it. xx


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