Thursday 3 March 2011

A post not about rainbows, sunshine or any of that crap

I have awoken in a bad mood. I wanted to write about cheery things, nice things, but the cranky pants are firmly on and don't look like they're coming off anytime soon.

It's only just past 7am, and already I've yelled, I've snapped, I've ranted.

The cold I had recovered from last week seems to have made a reappearance, waking me all through the night with its scratchy throat. Then little children came in at different hours demanding things. In other words, I'm sitting here tired, grumpy and feeling sorry for myself.

Today, is swimming lesson day. I hate swimming lessons. I hate the dressing and undressing. The cranky mothers in the car park. Having to take Goosey in the water while Lil-lil has her lesson. Stinking of chlorine for the rest of the day. Wrangling the kids in the change room in different stages of undress. Seriously, if it wasn't for it life-saving purposes I'd chuck it in and do something else.

We punished the kids for bad behaviour by banning TV this morning, that seems like a really bad idea now as they bicker and throw wooden blocks at each other's heads.

At least the tea I made this morning was perfection. Lil-lil has already done an impression of my bad mood. Only 12 more hours until bed time.....


  1. Ya know, sometimes you just have to write a bit of a rant-y post.
    It usually helps, no?

    Hope your day has gotten better.

  2. It sounds like it's going to be one of *those* days.

    Hang in there xx

    Swimming lessons are tough aren't they! I hate the smell of it, and the whole process in general. But you're right, you have to do it.

  3. Hope this helps your grumpy day turn into a normal day (((( Hugs )))) (((( Hugs )))) (((( Hugs )))) (((( Hugs ))))

    (((( Hugs )))) XXXX Kisses XXXX

  4. Oh hon .... I LOATHE SWIMMING LESSONS. But I don't see angry mothers in the car park, all around me I see beautiful, amazing mothers who are patient and kind and bring wholesome treats in colourful containers. While I wrestle Rocco to the ground because he keeps doing kamakazi bombs in the middle of Max's class and I can't keep up and I end up wanting to tie weights to my legs so I can drown and not deal with this crap.

    So, no swimming lessons for us this term. And I'm just so relieved.

    Hey ... only five hours til bedtime!

  5. I recently used the No TV punishment. It lasted less than an hour - but not because they were repentant and behaving - because I realised that, without TV, I had to entertain them myself. NEVER AGAIN.

  6. Hope your day has improved xx.

    Reading this has put me off signing up Master P for swimming lessons, he has been having phenomenal tanties lately!

  7. Oh Corinne, yucky :o( Hope you are now sleeping soundly. The summer cold is horrible and incredibly hard to shake... (never mind the fact we are NOW in Autumn, but you get my drift). I have been trying to rid the household of it for the past few weeks also... then 2 days of germ infested preschool and we're back to square one, aaarrrggghhh!


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