Sunday 13 June 2010

Time flies

You know you're old when life starts racing past you like a steam train. Over the past couple of days, I've been reminded just how fast time seems to be flying past me. Sixteen years since I finished school, surely not. Five years since I last saw my sister-in-law and nephew, not possible. Almost two years since my baby was born, can't be true, but at least it does explains the back-chatting little person wandering round my house.

When you're a kid time is endless. It's a bounty of endless wonder. Summer holidays last a lifetime and it's always an age between Christmas and your birthday. Nowadays, weeks fly past like days and years are over before you know it. Whoosh, what was that? Oh, it was May flying over my shoulder and most of June whooshing past my ear.

Once upon a time, time was like sand in the Sahara, truly more than enough of it and it didn't matter if it got blown away in the wind. Now it's a precious commodity that I want to bottle, not waste a precious drop.

This weekend is a lovely long weekend, with barely any dates scheduled. So, it's a luxury to watch the hands of the clock tick by, snuggle with my girls, laugh with my husband, get to know my niece and nephew, catch up with old friends. Mostly it's a chance to catch my breath and take note of the minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years that are whizzing past.


  1. Oh, I know EXACTLY how you feel! I've been doing a lot of volunteer work for my city's museum, and I've witnessed so much of life's moments that just get filed away in acid-free boxes, tucked away on shelves. It's really made me want to start "seizing the day" much more passionately!!

  2. So true! It's my 20 year school reunion next year and I have no idea how that could be possible!

  3. That is absolutely true. When we were kids, there was so much we could do in a day and still have sometime left. And now even if the day had 48 hours, we'd still realise that we have very little time. The worst part, there's nothing we can do about it - as of now.

  4. So true... where does the time go!!! You just can't find the time to sit and watch time go pass these days...

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I'm sitting here, trying to convince my daughter to pull her loose baby tooth. Seriously, time does fly! I still remember the days she didn't even have any teeth, I still see her as my sweet little baby.

  6. We are clearly on the same wavelength...I posted about reminiscing tonight as well!

    Somedays I just have to ask myself, "Where has my life gone?"

  7. I remember rolling my eyes at my parents when they'd tell me that time seems to move faster as you get older. Unfortunately, they were right. With all the rushing around that we do, it's nice to stop, take a breath, and live in the moment once in a while.

  8. time really pass so fast so we should make the best of every second! I remember the days when I was in High School. Before the class parted ways for college we promised to see each other after 10 years and's that 10 years after that we're talking about...

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  9. I think about the same thing too sometimes! Every time the holidays end, I always think, "They'll be back before you know it!" And, I remember as a child feeling like time moved SO SLOWLY and DRAGGED ON and ON. I was a dramatic tween.


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