Sunday 27 June 2010


Well the weekend is almost over and we survived, pretty nicely actually.

Friday night, I met Skip in town for sushi and a flick. An Aussie film, Animal Kingdom, a Melbourne crime movie that is said to be a work of fiction, but in my eyes was without a doubt based on the Pettingill family and the Walsh St murders. It was good, but very grim.

Saturday, Skip woke up sick, so the girls and I went to swimming and the park opening festivities without him.  We had a fun full-on day, being all community-minded having sausage sangas with the mayor and chatting with the neighbours. The girls ran around like lunatics playing with all the local kids.

At the last-minute, the girls went for a sleep-over with their Nan. Which meant pizza on the lounge, no bath-dinner-book-bed fiasco and, most importantly, a full night's sleep! I woke on my own steam and it was daylight outside! I can't remember the last time I woke after the sun was rising.

After a leisurely breakfast just the two of us, we took the girls to Toy Story 3, and the girls loved it. I was so impressed that they survived a half-hour of ads and the feature with little fuss. It's was Goosey's first ever trip to the movies and she was quite taken with the whole experience. The movie was great, though a little darker than the first two.

So, now it's Sunday night and for a change I feel rested, relaxed and ready to tackle the week.

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope your week is just as good.


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