Thursday 10 June 2010

A family affair

I'm a little excited tonight, tomorrow my brother and his family are jetting in from Vietnam. My big brother has lived there for about 8 years now and added a wife and two kids along the way.

It's going to be an extra exciting reunion as it will be the first time my girls have met their Vietnamese cousins and the first time that I have met my niece (who happens to have the same name as a particularly diva-ish super model).

They will be here for around a month, but will be travelling around the country to visit friends for some of the time. We'll be having a special break away down the south coast though,  my mum, two of my brothers and their wives and all six cousins will get to frolic, talk, chat, laugh, eat, drink. I can't wait, it's going to be a blast.

Do you have family who live a long way away?


  1. Yes! All of my relatives live far far away and i am happy that be the way.. They are not good people and the ones who would bring all sort of negativities in one's life.... so let them be far away...:-D

    I am happy for you though..... xoxoxo

  2. Sounds lIke it will be a terrific reunion :) I have all my family close by, but many friends that live afar who I miss and would lice a reunion with :)

  3. How exciting for you! All the cousins playing together sounds terrific too :)

    The majority of my family live interstate which makes it difficult sometimes but also provides a great excuse to getaway for mini breaks too.


  4. This will be the first summer that we are not going to the Outerbanks of North Carolina to meet up with 28 of my mother's relatives who come in from all over the US. My grandfather would rent a ginormous beach house (all 28 of us stayed in the house!) and we would spend a week visiting with each other.
    I already feel slightly sad we will not be going.

    Have an amazing time with your brother and his family. These will be memories to treasure forever!!!

  5. Have a wonderful time with your family.

  6. Oh, how wonderful! I can feel your excitement. My "soul sista" lives in Pennsylvania (I am in Canberra) so I know how it feels on the day of their impending arrival. Have a great time!

  7. All of my family live far away. Or I live far away. I guess it depends on how you look at it. I am in Japan and all of my family is in Brisbane, Australia. Except my husband, his family and my baby of course.

    Have fun with your brother and his family- I am sure you and your kids will REALLY enjoy it.

    Happy FYBF!

  8. Hey Corinne, it sounds like your long-weekend is going to be truly special. I am happy to say that FYBF works because it guided me to you and your lovely Blog, I'm now a follower and look forward to your posts.


  9. Yes, I have one of those families who only seem to meet up at funerals, and all stand around and say 'Gee we should see each other more, and not just at the next funeral', but never do. Hope you have a beautiful visit.

  10. How exciting...Enjoy your weekend...I know when my I go overseas to catch up my family how excited I get...It is hard to be separated from you immediate family.


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