Wednesday 2 June 2010

At the art of the matter

I'm a very lucky person. I'm surrounded by intelligent, interesting and creative people who make my existence a very enjoyable one. So many of my friends and family have great lives where they are able to watch their dreams blossom. I'm often knocked off my feet at what these wonderful folk achieve.

One such friend is someone I've known for many, many years, in fact, we started school together. Her name is Michele and at that time, I never imagined that 28 years later she would be a fully fledged artist, creating beautiful work and displaying it often. Michele has been passionate about art for as long as I've known her and she had an incredible opportunity this year when she took up an artist residency for six months. Yes, six months to spend in a gorgeous studio and simply paint and draw. It's been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her and one she has relished.

Unfortunately for her, her residency is coming to an end. Fortunately for the rest of us, we get to see what she's created over the past six months in her upcoming exhibition.

Here are some images from her studio that Michele has kindly shared with me.

So if you happen to be in Sydney in early June, I urge you to go and see Michele's work. I'm certain you won't be disappointed, plus the gallery at Primose Park will introduce you to a wonderful little part of Sydney most people don't know about.

Spirit of Place
June 5 - 11; 9am-5pm
Primose Park Gallery
Matora Lane (off Young St) Cremorne

Visit Michele's blog tiny trappings 


  1. Lovely. Makes me wish I was in Sydney again.

  2. Very pretty and interesting. Love the textures.

  3. AWWWW RIN! thank you for such a beautiful posting and such lovely words! It was such a great surprise to see it this morning...especially when Im so tired from install! Its lifted me for the next few thank you! See you tomorrow! xx


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