Sunday 10 February 2013


Late yesterday afternoon, we packed up the car and headed out to the desert for a BBQ. We were joined in the dunes by some friends we've collected since we've been here. Funnily enough, we all arrived in Dubai around the same time.

The kids chased each other up and over the dunes and then crashed back down the sandy slopes engulfed in giggles. The sun fell out of the sky and we sat and chatted and ate. The air turned chilly so we lit a fire and our hair and pores soaked in the smoke. A canopy of stars appeared above us.

As we sat around the campfire, someone piped up and said: "Isn't it amazing? We've four groups of people from four different parts of the world, who just a few months ago didn't know each other existed. Now, here we are, sitting together in the dunes of Arabia. It's just so random!"

And it is. Life is so random. If you let it, it can take you on the most fabulous journey. It makes you think, where on earth and with who will I be in 12 months time? Life is a rollicking tale, you've just got to make sure you listen to it.


  1. The turns your life has taken in the past year are truly amazing. I can't imagine it. It makes me feel like being in the same place for the past 7 years is a bit like treading water. Enjoy!

  2. It is amazing - I lived in Saudi/Qatar for the last five years and have made the most amazing and lifelong friends from all over the world.....

  3. hear! hear! Thats been my life mantra for a long time too! sounds like a heavenly night rin xxx

  4. I love this Corinne. It's incredible the twists and turns life takes us on. And this adventure of yours is indeed amazing! Sounds like such a great evening. I'd love a little taste of the world you're living in right now, so unique and wonderful xo

  5. Gorgeous photo Corinne!
    Such a fabulous thing to make friends from all over the world and share an experience in a new country together. ENJOY!

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