Monday 4 February 2013

Blogs I love

The other day I was reading a blog post about blog rolls. You know that little list over to the right that has a whole lot of bloggy reading goodness. Some of you may already know everyone on that list, or you may just be my family and not interested in reading any other blogs.

Anyhoo, it made me think about all the blogs I love to read and the connections I've made through blogging. Over the past year, I've been pretty slack in the blogging world and don't read that many. I've got my favourites and tend to stick that. Boring, I know, but the circle of blogs I read are fab.

I thought I'd share my love and give you a little insight to my favourite bloggers. Who knows, you might find a new fave.

I've been lucky enough to know PPMJ for many years now. From before kids, way back when I worked on magazines. PPMJ has been one of my biggest bloggy cheerleaders and is amazing friend and supporter in real life. She's a gem. She writes about all things pretty, French, foodie and Newcastle.  A little PPMJ each day makes my life feel pretty.

Eleanor used to blog at Shopping the Closet, but is now at Ballyhoo & Bedbugs. Eleanor and I bonded online over food, wine & Pulp. She's a punkrocker turned fashionista, but the punk attitude is still there. 
Eleanor is one of the kindest souls, she sent me the biggest box of American chocolate and candy, so she knows the way to my heart. El blogs about food, her family, making the best of her life and pretty stuff. One day El and I will meet up and chat over wine and Pulp.

Carly is an Aussie expat in Dubai, just like me. I love reading her take on Dubai life and being an Aussie in the Middle East. I was lucky enough to meet Carly in one of my favourite haunts recently and hope to do it again soon. 

The gorgeous Julie is, as her title reveals, a mother to two beautiful boys and has her own crafty business. Julie is one of the good ones and has the kindest heart. She posts beautiful photographs of her boys and writes eloquently and honestly about her life. I love reading what Julie has been up to. I also reckon Julie is also my most prolific commenter.

Shar is an Irish mum living in Perth. She has two little ones, a gorgeous boy and sweet little baby girl. Shar is funny and she doesn't shy away from tough stuff or gloss over her life. Always a pleasure to read. 

Nat lives on a farm in country NSW with her four muddy kids. She has three girls and little baby boy about the same age as Darbs. I love reading Nat's blog because it's about as faraway from my life as you can get and she also writes in a wonderful way that grabs me. Nat also teaches me about things like dams, who knew?! 

I could go on and on as there are plenty more bloggy loves of my life, but I hope you go and check out these little gems, leave a comment and tell them I sent you!


  1. Read PPMJ and have done for years, lover her guts. Thanks fo the intro

    1. She's a doll isn't she?? Mrs W I would've put you on the list but I think everyone in Australia knows about your top blog?! x Love your guts.

    2. Nawww, thanks lovely. And thanks Mrs Woog - love your guts right back at you!

      Corinne, you never, ever, ever fail to make me smile - love your spin on things.

      New blogs to check out - weee! xx

  2. You now I love you right back!
    Thanks for the shout out - it's funny how we get this little circle of blogs and stick with it. And when those other bloggers become like family, it's even better!


  3. Awww, what a day to read this Corinne. I have cried buckets today as Angus started school, so yes, emotion is running high. And what a touching tribute to my little blog. You are so lovely and you know that I adore coming here to visit and read every post you write. Thank you for sharing your list of loves too, as there are a couple on there I haven't yet discovered, but certainly will now xoxo

  4. Hey there - thank you for such a lovely early morning surprise!! Seriously appreciated!!
    I loved 'reading you' before your life took a turn for the super-exciting, but am also loving your new adventures there.
    Thanks again, Corinne.
    :-) XxX

  5. Lovely thanks to you my day at work doesnt commence until I have read yours and 5 others on your list!!! Bees Knees you are!!! XXX

  6. Awww shucks, such lovely words Corinne. I adore visiting your blog and keeping updated on your adventures, both when you were here and now in Dubai. I love your words and the way you get right to the heart of the matter.
    Thanks too for the blog intros, a couple I haven't read before, so will definitely be checking out xoxo

  7. Yep, nodding here. Love all those blogs too.


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