Thursday, 14 February 2013

You know Dubai is home when...

Well we've been in Dubai six months now and I think it's well and truly home.

In fact, hearing some of the things that come out of our family members' mouths make me certain.

Here are some picture and words:

Mobile phone tower posing as a palm tree.

"Mum, we need to get a Ferrari so you can drive me to school faster. Or maybe that white car over there, what's that one called? Yeah, a Lamboghini, one of those."

I love being able to do u-eys everywhere.

Overheard while talking to her grandmother on Skype on a 30 degree day. "No, the weather is still quite cold here. I have to wear flannelette PJs."

Oh what a feeling!

"Can't we get it delivered/picked up/have someone else do it, surely??" (Usually uttered by Skip or myself)
Sleeping under seven stars.

"See you on Sunday morning!" (ie: actually getting it right on a Thursday afternoon and not saying Monday.)

The wide blue urban jungle.

"Mum, can we go to the North Pole on the weekend. I mean the one in the shopping mall."

All that glisters...

"Do you want turkey ham on the pizza?"

Worship and shop.
"Mum, how are we celebrating Chinese New Year/my 100th day of school/the Prophet's birthday/Valentine's Day? We really should do something special, you know."

Old worlds and new.

"Mum, kids can be absent from school if they're sick or if they have to travel somewhere."

"Mum, I think Jesus made half of the world and Mohammad made the other ."


  1. Hahaha these are great Corinne!!! Love the one about visiting the North Pole!

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