Saturday 7 January 2012

What is it like having three? No, really.

I've been asked this a few times the past couple of days. Two good friends are about to have their thirds any second and they've been asking for the lowdown. My answer is this: "Its not as bad as I was expecting. Though it's kinda like when you have two and think 'I had no idea how easy it was just to have one'"

I've reached that stage when I don't remember what life was like before D. The only thing I remember was wondering what he'd be like and knowing I'd reach that stage of not remembering life before.

The girls are loving sleepovers at their grandma's at the moment, they adore going there, she adores them coming and we love the chance for some peace and quiet (and reliving how easy it is just to have one baby). Admittedly D is an easy baby, the other two were not.

This afternoon, Skip and I strolled around Manly pushing the pram, pretending to be parents to one baby. We stopped for a drink and a snack in a small funky wine bar, something we'd never normally be able to enjoy with three kids. D just tags along too small to run amok.

Tomorrow the girls will return with squeals of glee from all of us, because even though the peace is nice, we really are a family of five.

Below are shots from our outing. You have to love a mini burger, food always tastes better in miniature. The gin is actually a water bottle, though a Hendricks and tonic is my all-time favourite drink so this touch won me over at the Hemingway-inspired bar, so much so I went home and had a real one.


  1. My two are 8 yrs apart so I don't know what it's like even managing 2 small ones at the same time. I'm impressed by your mad juggling skills!
    As my two are older, I find it hard to manage satisfying both of their interests at the same time. I mean, we can never really find a movie we are all interested in, and most activities one has outgrown or the other has not grown into. I also sometimes regret not having a 3rd that was closer in age to my youngest since in a year and a half she will be virtually an only child. I guess what I'm driving at is that mothering is a challenge at any age, any number, and any time in our lives. We all amaze me time and time again!

  2. Many moons ago I three little ones. I enjoyed when they like sleepovers. It gave me a mental break and some one on one with the hubby.

    Family of five is a beautiful thing!

    Life is good :)

  3. I would love three (I say that with the ignorant bliss of being Mother to one), but Dave wants two as he thinks we can't afford three.

    I guess time will tell, but I have loved your stories of mothering with three, lowdown's & all ...

    Super mama xx

  4. @Eleanor you're spot on! It's a juggle no matter the situation, it's always about funding balance.

    @Abbie family of five is a beautiful thing!

    @Cherie three is fun and really not that much harder than two (as say this in ignorant bliss of number 3 being a non taking non moving baby!)

  5. At 5 months our baby has made our family of 5 complete, and me not quite able to remember life 'before' either. I agree, with your assessments! It's a bit busier, and there is a lot more washing, other than that, it's grerat. My two girls just spent a couple of nights with Nanna too so we have been enjoying the quiet and remembering how much extra time there is when you're "only baby" is asleep!

  6. The big question, 'what's it like to have 3?' now four for us. My answer is always. 'busy' same as having 2 or 3, just a bit busier, hard to remember what it was like to have one.
    Enjoying just having 2 in the mornings though at the moment.
    Nanna's are very precious and allow us to keep functioning, kids included!

  7. Corinne, so glad I found you from over at Beth's! Great post, I too am a mama of 3 little ones, 4 + 2.5 + nearly 11mths. I could happily go again but I don't think the bank balance would survive.. love the bit about pretending you just have one while the girls were away ;)

  8. Ah the big questions Corinne! The idea of 3 scares me somewhat, but only because it is the unknown. I think with each change to our family dynamic, there is bound to be some doubt, fear and uncertainty. But it's pretty darn awesome to say you're a family of 5 too! :o)


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