Monday 9 January 2012

My kids have holidayitis

These kids make my head spin. There's no other way to put it. It think they are getting a little holiday frazzed. A little too much excitement. A little too much fun. Few too little vegetables and early nights. Any which way, they have got me up against the wall.

For example:
  • this morning Skip decided to take the girls to the zoo. I offered to stay at home while D napped, thinking of all the things I could catch up on - cleaning, washing, reading a book on the lounge. Bliss. About 30 seconds after the front door closed the wonderful peace was broken by a crying boy. Dagnamit! Why, oh why does this always happen? Last week when we wanted him to wake early so we could make the shops before lunchtime he decided to sleep for three hours. 
  • For the past three weeks all I have heard out of Goosey's mouth is "Not fair!" or "I hate you, Mum." Delightful. She usually follows it up with "I love you" and cuddles, but then there's another hefty dose of "not fair".
  • The girls are iPad mad. I stupidly let them play with mine and they are now obsessed! They hassle me day and night to play it. Goose thinks her in-car DVD player is an iPad and won't be convinced otherwise, I think she'll be a little disappointed when we hit the road later this week. Lil-lil is so determined to get an iPad she told me that Santa will bring her one next Christmas, when I replied: "We'll see." She told me: "Santa will bring whatever I want, that's what he does and there's nothing you can do."
  • There are great tears when dinner is served and it's not sausages or something with tomato sauce.
  • Every day they want to know what special thing we're doing/eating today.
  • They are already asking when Easter is. Take a breath kids. Let's get over this holiday first. 

They're high on the buzz of holiday routines. Empty threats are being flung around left, right and centre. We're hitting the road and heading to the beach for two weeks in a few days. I think we all need to get out of the house, suck in some fresh sea air, run on the sand and de-frazzify for a new year. Then it will definitely be time to get back to a normal routine.

Do you or your kids go holiday loco?


  1. My three are all over-tired and I'm over-them. We are trying to get them back into an earlier-to-bed routine after living the night life at Gran's for the past two weeks. They are not having a bar of it and do you think they can sleep in? Ah, holidays. x

  2. My kids are EXACTLY the same way. Daisy is just plain REVOLTING. Telling me she hates me, she loves Dad more, then doing the same thing just to get her way. She better watch herself or she is going to get that smug look wiped off her face and it ain't going to be pretty. Now our main holiday is over I have NO idea how I am going to get through the next 3 weeks with keeping my sanity & marriage in tact.

    You are NOT alone x

  3. Gosh I thought it was just my crazy child who would ask when Easter is once Boxing Day was over & done with. Enjoy your much needed beach holiday. Perfect timing for it I think!

  4. This is cray cray, but I quite liked going back to work last week just because I was a wee bit sick of the whole "every day's a party!" thingy that happpens when you're on hols. You know the whole "But I didn't even HAVE an ice-cream today?!" thing? Blergh.

    I am a bit anal about feeding my kids good food too, so the holidays always get me a bit antsy - where the fuck are the vegetables?!

    I hate the kids being up late too - mainly because I NEED DOWNTIME - NOW! This is why my kids have never stayed up and watched one of the kid's movies featured at 6.30pm most Saturday night. Nope. The TV is off and those kiddies are in BED man. Off you trot!

  5. Lol at this post and all the boys are exactly the same! I'm sure there will not be any routine until school starts and then it will be a job and a half to get them up, fed, dressed and out the door at the required time! At least you get to head off to the beach for a couple of weeks :)

  6. I love this post--It made me feel better because I thought I was the only one. I have a 6 yr old, a 5 yr old, and a 3 yr old, and it feels like there is a circus going on in our small, two bedroom apartment at all times (much to the dismay of our neighbors, I'm sure)...I try to get them outside as much as I can, but we don't have a car, so we are limited there, and the heat the past few days has been insane. So I bathe us all in sunblock, put on the hats, and head to the stinkin' park for the 8 trillionth time, and they start to whine if I only want to sit out in the hot, merciless sun for three hours rather than four...sigh...I am ready to sell them to the gypsies...

  7. Thanks for making me feel better, that it's not just my kids that are going crazy! Mine are over tired even before we start swimming lessons for the day. Daylight savings is not helping as they don't go to sleep until it's dark.
    We pull out many a threat but still get some doozy comments thrown back at us.
    School, day care and preschool cannot come soon enough!
    Sorry I don't have any words of wisdom to keep them occupied.

  8. makes me feel so much better to know i'm not alone . same situation at my house. i was looking back at baby photos of my first born last night and remembering how sweet and lovely i thought she was at the time and i could never possibly fathom experiencing the feelings and emotions i'm going through now towards her!

  9. You know what, this makes perfect sense to me right now Corinne. We have been having some issues with Angus and trying to teach him that there is a time for fun and play and all things exciting and a time for the mundane and standard aspects of life. Scott and I have both agreed that with Christmas/New Year/his 4th birthday/our 8 day holiday, the child thinks the world is one big party. Can't blame him really. So now to the tedious job of getting it through to him that it is in fact NOT a big party. It's quite stressful actually. I'm relieved to read this post, as I know it's not just me :o) xo


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