Thursday 26 January 2012

Floods and foreheads

It's been wet. That is an understatement. On Tuesday the rain started coming down hard. Very, very hard and did not ease in the slightest until 4pm on Wednesday. I can say, without hesitation, I've never seen rain like it. Ever.

A couple of times I thought of going down in the lift to the chemist about 10 metres away and I didn't dare go. The weather was too awful.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to go into town (Kingscliff) to get some supplies. Roads were flooded, the rain still pelting down.

We turned into Chinderah and the Tweed River had swallowed half the road. We were forced to drive in the breakdown lane. Just after we slowly drove through, the cricket on the radio was interrupted by a somber voice telling us that the small town was being evacuated.

We got our supplies and headed back to the village we're staying in, having to turn back a couple of times as the roads were flooded.

As we pulled in our holiday home the rain stopped. Finally. The wind dropped.

We seized the moment and took to the beach. It was far too rough to swim, but we ran and played and soaked in the fresh air. It was glorious.

Later that night, the girls had gone to bed. I was settling D when I heard a sickening thud. Goosey had dived and whacked her forehead on the metal corner of the bunk beds. I came out to see her pale and a dribble of thick red blood running down her face.

Having knocked her head a few times before and sat in the ER with her, I knew she didn't have a bad concussion. The gash was deep and probably could have used some glue or a stitch. That would mean driving in rising flood water at night. Instead, we managed to patch her up quite well.

So not the best day of our holiday.

Two more sleeps and we're headed home. Fingers firmly crossed that we get some dry weather to enjoy here and then for a safe drive home.


  1. Corinne, you poor thing and poor Goosey, hope she's feeling better.
    Flood water and flooded roads are never fun to drive in, and you never get used to it. Hope you get some sunshine and get home safely.

  2. Oh, poor little Goosey. I read yesterday about Woog's son falling out of his bunk bed and now this. :(

    The floods are frightening. I hope the rain stops soon and you get some good outdoor play time. xx

  3. That last photo is just beautiful, definitely a frame worthy snap :o)
    But OMG, what a crazy scary time you've been through. Poor little Goosey, there is nothing more terrifying than seeing blood on their face, I really feel for you and Skip :o( I guess these are all the things we look back on and talk about in the years to come. I hope the rain subsides for you guys, so you can have a nice, dry, drive home xo

  4. Those first three shots scare the baby cheeses out of me.
    The last is just beautiful.
    Wishing you a dry end to your trip.

  5. Hope your little one is all better and that you have decent weather on your last few days!

  6. Oh Corinne, there is no such thing as a relaxing holiday is there? Poor things, hope the weather eased enough for you to get home (my sister got caught in the Gold Coast this morn trying to get out) and that little Goosey is ok. And well done you for patching her up on your own!!

    1. We came across a few closed roads and lots of flooding, but got home ok. Goosey has healed surprisingly well too!

  7. Good grief, what an end to your holiday, glad you're all okay and that Goosey is okay too.


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