Sunday 15 January 2012

I see the sea

Sunday morning, rain softly pit-patting on the window, surf rolling and crashing. Chirping kids out splashing in puddles fetching me a coffee with their dad.

So far, holidays have been all right. Skip, not having taken leave in such a long time, has managed to take five weeks he'd accrued off - unheard of in these parts.

It's been great having time at home but it's even better to be away. Creating a new daily routine, even if it's just for a couple of weeks.

We drove up the coast, stopping just north of Coffs Harbour to pitch a tent for the night. The three kids loved it. I'm impressed we camped with a 4-month-old. Up the next morning for the next leg and more games of I Spy, we soon arrived at our apartment (which is bigger than our house).

We are enjoying the space, the time. Looking out and seeing the ocean. Sandy feet. Lazy days.

Hopefully I'll feel inspired to write again as inspiration seems to have vanished with Christmas.


  1. Enjoy this time Lovely...wishing I was there!!!

    P.S. I CANNOT believe you camped with a 4 month old! Impressive!

  2. Enjoy every moment hun, you deserve it.

    Hope you are blessed with good weather too.


  3. oh lovely... have the most relaxing, fun and inspired trip ever! You bloody deserve it!! Im sorry I missed seeing you before you went but im looking forward to a good natter when you get back! enjoy enjoy enjoy the beach!! xxx

  4. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.
    Sounds absolutely perfect.

  5. Have a wonderful relaxing time, inspiration will be sure to return with a lovely family break.
    I think you're amazing camping with kids, let alone a 4 month old. Enjoy the break.

  6. Sometimes I think we're living parallel lives Corinne. So much of what you have written here is me at the moment. We have also been thrilled to have Scott home with us for 3 weeks... VERY unheard of also.
    We stayed in Coffs Harbour on our road trip last week (except we didn't camp... and massive kudos to you guys for doing that by the way). AND the apartment we stayed in on the Gold Coast was WAY bigger than our house, hehe, a little scary to think about. Love reading your posts.
    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing, memorable time with your beautiful fam :o) xo

  7. Breathe in that salty goodness and enjoy the break away from it all. Its a balm for the weary soul xx

    PS Just back from beautiful Coffs Harbour myself, sigh...

  8. Looks heavenly enjoy your family and your tranquility!


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