Monday 16 January 2012

Boy joy

This holiday has made me realise just how much I'm enjoying having D.

As I've said a million times before, I'm not a baby person, but he's an absolute delight. He's slotted into our family so easily, it's surprised me.

I tossed the whole third child thing in my head for so long. I really didn't know if I could do three. Could I go back to the beginning again? Would my life be unbearable. I then decided that I could see another little person in our life. I then decided 'yes' and I was pregnant before I could change my mind.

All through my pregnancy I encountered people who said they found three difficult, more difficult than they expected. I even met one person who said they regretted having a third, which terrified me.

I don't know if it's because I'm an old hand at this, if it's because the girls were "difficult" or because he's super easygoing, but this whole thing has been a lot easier than I expected. Even with his dramatic arrival.

Most of the time he's a joy. Sure he's a baby and he cries, often for no obvious reason. It's sometimes harder to get out and do things, but it's fun. He's so happy just to be here. He's gone from being frail and tiny, to being a delicious little dumpling.

I knew to expect the unexpected, I just really didn't expect it to be pure and simple.

He's made our family unit feel so complete. In a way I never expected.


  1. How absolutely beautiful (and refreshing) to read.
    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.
    :-) x

  2. Oh he is! Just when I thought for SURE I was done with the give me this. Beautiful!

  3. I so get this! When my third little guy came along, he was a perfect gift, we pinch ourselves that he is in our lives, and is so blimmin special in so many ways. When my others ask why I don't tell him off as much I say it's coz he's so cute, and they all agree. He is! Enjoy your little guy, boys rock!

  4. Nawwwww, boys are the BEST aren't they!

    D sounds like he was the missing part of your family. I am so glad that he is wonderful and fits in like a glove.

    Sounds like you are in a pretty good place right now. Enjoy it hun xx

  5. Congrats Corinne!!! He's a gorgeous little boy and sounds like he fits right into your family. I'm going on no.4 now with another little girl due this mid Feb... in about 5 weeks time. I thought I was done with my lot but we have had an a surprise adding on to the family :)

  6. Just beautiful, I am glad to hear he has tucked himself neatly into your lives. Lovely post xx

  7. Ohhhh that's so nice to hear!! And nice to know some babes can be chilled and easy going. Here's hoping mine comes out like that. So happy for you ;) xx

  8. Looks great! Plenty of fresh sunshine for the whole family.Have Fun!

  9. Lovely Corinne, just lovely.
    Must be the third child. My third was my dream baby, she was so easy going and just slotted in.

  10. Love this post Corinne... and just look at your boy! He is a precious gorgeous bundle of bubby love :o)
    Enjoyed reading this view of a third baby, it is a scary thought, but so nice to hear about the joys of it as well. Your little family definitely sounds complete xo

  11. I wonder about adding a third to our family too - wondering about adding more chaos and if we can manage. Thanks for posting - the positives are so nice to hear!

  12. He's gorgeous! What a sweet photo! :)

  13. *people* are full of shite! I have 3 too, they were all under 3.5 when we had #3 and if I had a dollar for every time someone told me the same thing.. I would just smile and move on.. a beautiful post, a beautiful baby boy! gorgeous x

  14. I just wanna squeeze him!
    Gently of course.... ;)

    P.S. He gets more and more handsome...maybe I should have 1 more and if it's a girl we arrange a marriage? We could be RELATED then...hmmm...

  15. This is beautiful :)

    You really do make the most beautiful children!

    I have always wanted 3, whereas Dave says 2.

    Time will tell, huh? :)

  16. He is a delight to look upon :) Bless you and your whole family!


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