Monday 8 February 2010

Monday housekeeping

Mondays tend to be my day to recalibrate everything. Sort out the house, get the brain fired up and ease into the week. We do swimming lessons on Monday which is a nice activity for  early in the week. Lil-lil gets to splash and I don't have to do too much!

This morning I'm moving a little slower than normal. We had a friend's engagement party on the weekend and it was an absolute blast - except for the part where I drank too much and felt completely rotten on Sunday. It was a great night of catching up with friends, dancing and drinking cider.... and sambucca. I haven't drunk cider since 1997 when I was in the UK, I stopped as it used to make me quite drunk and then very ill the next day. I haven't drunk sambucca since 1996 when I was in Canada as it used to make me quite drunk and then very ill the next day. So you can see I was really thinking when I decided to team them up together!

These days I'm a couple of glasses of wine girl or the odd gin & tonic. I can't handle much more than that. It doesn't seem to go well with my age or my role as mum to two littlies. Oh well, that will learn me!

It's now one month since I wrote my 10 things to do in 2010, so I thought it might be nice to see how I'm trucking along. Plus a nice slooooow, easy thing to do on a Monday:

1) Eat healthy and drink less (or not at all). This was going well until the weekend, feeling yuck yesterday meant I just had to have a Dominos Hawaiian...
2) I want exercise to be a regular part of my day (yawn... I know, I know all very boring stuff but necessary). Still been very slack with this. I need to get on to it. Any tips??
3) I want to pamper myself more - take more time out for just me; buy myself clothes; do my nails; spoil myself with a pretty bauble now and again; get my hair done regularly. I think I've done OK with this. I have been taking more time for myself (which I still feel guilty for!) and I have bought some new clothes.
4) Take some singing/music classes. I have been wanting to do this for so long, but now I want to find a way to make it happen. Haven't got there yet, but the wheels are in motion. I also want to do a writing course too.
5) Have a beach holiday with my family. Booked and paid for! Can't wait, only a few weeks to go!
6) Start a long-term saving/investment plan. Have been doing some research so it's underway.
7) Finish my backyard (it's been a project in progress for two years!) and make it a lovely place to be. This is getting underway too.
8) Plan an overseas holiday for 2011 - either New York or France (or both!). Nothing has happened with this just yey.
9) Cook a sensational three-course French meal for Skip (doesn't really go with number 1, I know). Nothing happened here either...
10) Find a wonderful dream to chase and start chasing it. I think I may be on the right path here too. Don't want to reveal too much too soon.

How are you going with your resolutions?



  1. I'm still Boot Camping so Yay Me!

    And ohmygod Sambucca?!?! You are a brave girl. Heheh.

  2. Ooh, the beach holiday sounds fabulous. Lucky you! It sounds like you've made headway on many of your resolutions - good work!

  3. Doing well with one of them (see my latest blog post) but not really in the way I thought.

    Good work on your resolutions!

  4. PS - I've left a little something for you over at my blog.

  5. I'd say you're making definite headway on your list, cheers to you! If it makes you feel any better, I used to be able to party with the best of them. Now, as I get older, a few too many glasses of wine will completely RUIN me the next morning! Sigh!

    My resolution was to reach out in the "blogosphere" and try to meet my fellow writers. It's been a wonderful experience and I've visited some truly lovely sites, like yours! Glad I found you! Congrats on your list!

  6. me likey! I think youre going great guns with all of your plans lovely.... and as for exercise? maybe jump in the pool for a splash with Lil too!!! ha ha xx

  7. Excellent start on your resolutions!


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