Friday 19 February 2010

Acca Dacca shook me all night long

I awoke this morning with my ears ringing. Rock induced deafness - the best kind of hearing loss. The cause? The retirement-aged school boy of rock, Angus Young's screeching guitar solo.  Yes, the Skip and I trundled off last night to see the Aussie gods of rock AC/DC. [Sharni, this is where you should close your ears]

I don't know what I expected of the night, but I came away feeling like I had had a true rock experience. Cheesy? Why, yes! Over the top? Of course! Cliched and politically incorrect? No doubt! Did I enjoy it? Every minute!

From the moment the glowing red horns set 50 foot above the stage came alight and the cartoon image of a bedeviled Angus Young stoking a steam engine brought the lads rocketing on to the stage, I knew this was going to be something. Now I'm not usually your stadium rock kinda girl, but AC/DC would have even a the most uptight priss rocking out. It was the kind of gig that had grandpas and their grandsons head banging together, Chardonay sipping ladies next to Jack Daniels guzzling lads.

There was the obligatory pyrotechnics, inflatables and a 17 minute guitar solo with a confetti storm. All in all it was a great big barrel of fun. As the 54-year-old Angus was lifted on his on hydraulic stage at the crescendo of the solo, 70,000 people screaming his name, I couldn't help but wonder if the boy from Burwood was thinking 'Geez, how the hell did I get here?'
It's a long way from wagging classes at Ashfield Boys High.

Rock on!


  1. Glad to hear you had a great night Mama!

  2. Awesome - we're going to see them in Adelaide on 2nd March. Can't wait now!

  3. hmmm. ok i am on the other side of a fantasic weekend, so... I can take this and be happy for you!! Sounds like it was awesome!!


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