Sunday 14 February 2010

The eye of the Tiger

Happy New Year! Chúc mừng năm mới

Welcome to the year of the Tiger! We were hoping to go to some of the Chinese New Year celebrations in town over the weekend, but my illness and the torrential rain in Sydney have put a (literal) dampener on our plans.

Which is a shame, as I had images of the girls chomping into tasty morsels while being wide-eyed in delight at the dragon dances and glowing lanterns. Oh well, next year. We'll probably celebrate with a Chinese takeaway feast in front of the telly tonight, which is not quite the same though still tasty!

I'm sure my gorgeous family in Vietnam are having a wonderful time celebrating Tet. One day we'll get over there and join them for a celebration. What a blast that will be!

Have you done anything to celebrate Chinese New Year?


  1. You poor thing, hope you're starting to feel better. I think we're going to have Chinese takeaway tonight too - that will be our form of celebration!

  2. My husband is Korean so in Korea we used to celebrate the Chinese New Year..maybe we'll have dim sum tonight? Anyway,we celebrated Valentine's Day today also...Love your blog and there's a little present waiting for you on mine! ^_^


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