Friday 5 February 2010

City limits

Some times on days like today, when I can't turn around without tripping over something and wished our family of four had more than two bedrooms, I like to try and remind myself why I like where we live. This isn't to trash where other people live, it's just to make me feel a bit better about the fact that I don't have a play room, a study or even a 'spare' room - something I dream about - or that I don't have a big yard or a place to park our car.

We live in a small semi-detached house about 5km from the centre of Sydney's CBD. So without banging on about what we don't have, here's a taste of what we do have.

* Fabulous coffee just steps away from my front door

* Fabulous food just steps away from my front door

* It feels like I can get anywhere in Sydney in just 15 minutes

* I can get to the airport in just 15 minutes, in fact it often feels like the planes may actually land in our garden

* If I have a craving for wild boar terrine with a French Pinot Noir, I can have it on my table in about 20 minutes - take that Dominos!

* I love that this morning while doing the grocery shopping my girls blew kisses to the Muslim checkout chick wearing a hijab, the group of Italian men gossiping in the shopping centre, our lesbian nextdoor neighbours, the Chinese boy wheeling past in a stroller. Our area is so diverse that no-one's different, we're all unique. There's someone of every nationality, ethnicity, age group, sexual orientation and we've even got a couple of Wiggles in our community.

* I love that it's an intelligent, creative and open-minded area - lots of artists, musicians, actors, academics.

* I love that even though I'm in the inner-part of a big city I can walk down my main street and know the shop keepers and lots of local residents. After living in areas of Sydney where you never waved hello to anyone, I constantly do it here.

* When the kids and I get completely stir crazy we can walk out of front door and be amongst the action in a minute. It definitely helped ease the isolation of new motherhood.

As I've said in earlier posts, I could live pretty much anyway and make a go of it, but sometimes it's nice to remember why you are where you are.

Have a great weekend folks.

Image: © Vanessa Fitzgerald


  1. I love what you have written. YOu have reminded me about what I loved about living in Sydney. All that you mentioned is the wonderful aspect. Lately I have banged on about the bad bits and sadly that was taking over my memory. But that is right. I also loved Sydney too. and it is the points you make here that I loved and miss.Having said that - I do love the open spaces now that I have baby!! Nice one!

  2. ps - just tweeted this cos I liked it :-)

  3. Loved this post although I may have to argue that Melbourne is better than Sydney... just a little bit :)

    When sleeping at my boyfriends old share-house on his single bed (yes really that is all that would fit in the room)we constantly had to re-assess and count all the blessings that living right in the center of the city included. At the end of the day we were always glad he lived there, I still miss that place now.

  4. Way to be positive! It would be really easy to moan about the number of bedrooms or the aeroplain noise pollution, but as you say all this adds up to many positives about where you live. Great post!

  5. See I live in a 'wine village' in SA............that makes me want to move to Sydney.

  6. Great... now I want to move back to the City!! I loved all the things you mention, particularly the being close to the action, the multi-culturalism - but most especially having great coffee just steps away... *droooooooool*

  7. Loved this post, I want to live out your way! I live in the South West, you've probably seen us on the news - We like to chant "F&*# the police" and riot :|

  8. I spent my twenties living in an 1890's cottage five minutes out of Adelaide's CBD. I definitely miss that lifestyle and the advantages of near-city living now that I'm out in the 'burbs. The things we do for love!

  9. Good points, gosh that picture brought back a wave of nostalgia. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  10. Thanks for all you lovely replies.

    Sharni - thanks for the tweet!

    Daughter of the stars - I LOVE Melbourne too!

    Katy - Oh I'd love to live in a SA wine village, wanna trade for a while??

    Quix - great coffee is a great thing!

    Sarah - I thought it mighti ;)

  11. I love the perspective change, it sounds like you live in a magical spot, makes me want to visit Sydney again soon...

  12. I live in the suburbs of the suburbs. I have a lot of that stuff you said you wish for. I wish for a lot of that stuff you said you have. We should trade for a summer. See how that goes:)

  13. I love this that you wrote:

    * I love that even though I'm in the inner-part of a big city I can walk down my main street and know the shop keepers and lots of local residents. After living in areas of Sydney where you never waved hello to anyone, I constantly do it here.

    We're the same here. It's nice. I really, really enjoyed this post. xx

  14. That picture is about a nano second away from where I live! I feel the same way - great post.


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