Thursday 8 November 2012

Like sands through the hour glass...

Many years ago, before we were married and before we had kids, Skip and I went on a camping holiday to Fraser Island with some friends. For those of you who don't know, Fraser Island is in Queensland, Australia and is the largest sand island in the world.

On our first night, suffering hideous sunburn and feeling queasy from drinking cheap sparkling in the sun, Skip announced that he really hated sand. For the next few years, this became a bit of a joke in our circle of friends - going to the world's largest sand island for a holiday when you hated sand.

Now, we're living in the desert and I have to confess – I hate sand. At first glance, Dubai looks like a city you don't feel like you're in the desert. Then you only have to drive a short distance and there are rolling sand dunes and there is absolutely no doubt that you're in the desert.

Even in the centre of Dubai you'll find a decent amount of sand – vacant blocks of land, car parks, just walking along the street. I've seen two cars get so bogged in our school car park that they've had to be towed out – up the wheel arches bogged in sand. So the prolific 4WD does come in handy here, even if you don't go out dune bashing.

The thing about the sand is, it's everywhere. I sweep and sweep up mounds (and I mean mounds) of sand every day from our apartment (and we're high up). Every surface gets a light dusting of sand in it. Our balcony ends up with a grimy mixture of sand all over it. After I bath the kids there is a substantial amount of sand left in the tub. I'm constantly emptying my and the kids shoes of sand. And it's different sand to Australia, it's fine almost silt-like sand and it sticks like concrete to your skin.

I spend my life feeling like I just got dumped at Manly beach and every crevice of my world is filled with, yes, sand.

Yes, we live in the desert.


  1. Oh no, does that mean gritty sheets?

    1. Oh yes, it does! Bed have to be swept out morning and night! It reminds me of being on a beach holiday though.

  2. Oh that made me laugh so much!! Are there march flies too? Sounds like you guys are having an amazing adventure! If it makes you feel any better my kids tip out a tonne of sand from their shoes on the carpet every day!! Constantly got the vacuum out! Miss u guys xx k8

  3. I would NOT cope Corinne. Thank goodness Hendricks is $19 a bottle.

  4. I only like sand in small doses!!
    Like anywhere but in my home.
    From the Mum who won't get a sandpit - I feel for you.

  5. Oh I do understand your dislike for the gritty pest. I remember becoming sick of Angus' sand table in the backyard very quickly... and it only lasted about a month with sand in it... it gradually ended up inside the house and everywhere! I'm a big fan of the beach, but not sand. It DOES take over. Hope you have a Dyson or similar hoover... those babies suck it right up! xo

  6. Sand, ugh!! We recently had a nasty incident with a sand and water table here. It confirmed my own dislike of sand anywhere but on a beach!
    It goes everywhere!!

  7. I do not cope with sand, I tolerate the beach when on holidays and all the sand in showers, baths and beds, but in my house every day, that would do my head it. I wouldn't cope.


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