Saturday 3 November 2012

Fridays are the new Sundays

As I've already mentioned, the official weekend in the United Arab Emirates is Friday-Saturday. Friday being the holy day, where people attend mosque and share family meals, etc. Banks and official offices are closed.

Apparently, the weekend used to be Thurday-Friday (and it still is in parts of the Middle East) but trying to run international companies and only being in sync three days a week wasn't efficient.

Anyhoo, this whole weekend caper tends to mix me up a bit. I spend the whole week not really knowing what day it is, often say "see you on Monday" when I mean Sunday, often ask people "do you mean Friday Friday or Saturday Friday?" I know, I'm not making sense even to myself, hence my constant confusion.

We've got our own Friday routine now - coffee at our favourite coffee shop, grocery shopping, then the rest of the day is spent relaxing. There's always some drawing and colouring. There's usually some swimming. We usually play DJ and listen to some tunes. There's a lot of planning of what's for dinner - a BBQ, delivered Indian, Pakistani fish, Lebanese or friends over for a cook up?

Friday is fast becoming my favourite day of the week.


  1. Wow, that would be confusing (but I am very, very amused at your "Friday, friday comments" I would totally do the same x

  2. What a mind shift!
    I would struggle!
    :-) xx

  3. Friday sounds totally fabulous... even if it does mix you up somewhat! xo


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