Wednesday 28 November 2012

Just to keep you on your toes

Life certainly likes to keep you on your toes, doesn't it? Often the routine day-to-day can become so routine that you could do it with your eyes shut.

Every morning in our house is pretty much the same. Breakfast, make lunches, yell at kids to get dressed, get dressed myself, yell some more at the kids "pack your bag, put your shoes on, brush your teeth, OK time for hair". We rush out the door at 7.10am and make our way to the car. It's ground hog day stuff. Except for today.

This morning went along as usual, we were almost at school, I was breathing a sigh of relief and Goosey was whining about having to go to school when all of a sudden there was a strange noise. Hsssssssssssss. The car was filling with a strange cloudy substance. Lil started screaming: "We're all going to DIE!"

I look down and see the fire extinguisher on the floor of the car had rolled and was now letting its contents go. I pulled over, started to get out of the car and realised that the handbreak wasn't on and the car was moving. Jumped back in, put on hand break. Got out. By the time I got around to the other side it had stopped. It was empty. The contents all through the car. A coverage of pink powder on EVERYTHING.

Lil and Darbs were crying. Goose was saying: "It's like snow!"

What to do? I kept going to school, assured the kids we weren't going to die.  Dusted them off and sent them on their way. Now I have a car filled with pink powder. This should make for an interesting conversation at the car wash.


  1. I'm giggling at your descriptions. Especially the kids making it ever more dramatic! Enjoy Austria

  2. Lovely - as many of us sit here at our desks each day reading your awesome blogs ... you are living and having incredible experiences. Don't stop and please keep writing!!! EVERYTHING!!!
    You know I get upset when there is not an update for me to read at lunchtime.
    Have the most greatest time in Austria too!!!

  3. Life certainly does keep you on your toes... Which makes it so interesting :)

  4. Oh my goodness, all I can think is of the good old Cat in the Hat story, when he turns the snow pink! haha! Poor Corinne, days like those are exhausting and always leave you thinking they're the kind of things that can only happen to you... but don't worry, I have my fair share of them too! xo


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