Tuesday 6 November 2012

Just say bidet, bidet and how ya going?

Dubai bathrooms are a little different to your average Australian bathroom. For one thing, every bathroom has a bidet or at the very least a hose. From the day we landed this has provided so much entertainment for our Darbs. The second you hear him go quiet or suddenly disappear you know exactly where he is.

At first, he'd just turn it on and splash the water, now he's perfected the art of spraying the whole bathroom and everyone in it. It's at just the right height for him. It's even more entertaining to him if one of his sisters happen to be on the toilet.

Thankfully the girls stay well away from the bidet after a nasty incident involving one girl trying to help the other clean up after using the toilet. Let's just say it wasn't pretty for anyone.

As Goose piped up and said to me the other day: "We don't like the bum wash, do we mum? We like toilet paper."

Here's Darbs in his favourite spot in the house:

"I'm not doing anything, I swear."

"But if I get my thumb just so, I can spray everything."

"Yeah, OK, it's awesome."


  1. oh thats so hilarious rin!!
    And so cute!!
    I can also hear Goose saying 'we dont like the bum wash - do we mum?!'
    so so funny xx

  2. Oh hahaha, such a boy! Love it! I'm with Goose, I wouldn't be down with that whole scene either. But my boys would be totally into that. Gorgeous photos of your little man xo

  3. Beautiful photos!

  4. Ha ha! Very funny, what a gorgeous boy you have there!

  5. Ha ha! Very funny, what a gorgeous boy you have there!

  6. HAHAHAHA I love it Corinne, My Baby Boy would be exactly the same, I have rescued several things from the toilet over the last week, including the portable UHF! The toilet door now remains closed.

  7. Thanks for the giggle! What great pics.
    Katie in Tulsa


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