Sunday 28 March 2010

Sayonara summer

In Sydney at the moment we're experiencing what I suspect are the last days of summer. I know, I know - technically we're almost a third of the way through autumn, but the weather has been so warm and glorious it could be summer.

Next weekend we'll wind the clocks back and the lovely long evenings will get darker and colder. To suck the most out of the season, I'm hitting the beach today. We'll take our last splashes and make the last sandcastles. We'll wash the sand off our feet and pack the boogie board away. Lick the last bit of salt off our cheeks and dream about next December - who knows, the beach may be just a short walk away for us by Christmas.

I hope you're doing some special this Sunday.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful farewell to summer :) I've found this Autumn weather (in Melbourne) more tropical and humid than summer, but so much more bareable with the cool mornings and evenings.

  2. Oh lovely. I confess to liking Autumn. But am always sad to see the end of summer too.

  3. Whilst spring is my favourite season, I must admit I love autumn, I love when the air FINALLY starts to cool after the sweltering heat of summer and the rainy weeks as it changes to autumn, my vegie garden is ready to go again, I can wear makeup and it doesn't slide right off my skin, you can actually get dressed up and not be sweltering... love it!! buh bye, stinky old summer!!

  4. It's so odd to think that you're starting "winter" and we're just coming out of it.

  5. We had a very wintery weekend here in Adelaide. I'm not ready to let go of summer yet!

  6. I love autumn too, the crispness of the air and the warmth of the light. The skies are usually bright blue.

    It sounds like that cold weather may be coming across from Adelaide.

  7. despite the cooler weather coming, do you get many days of sun through the winter? I guess the rain is great for the land, but I so miss the sun living in the Pacific Northwest. I am looking forward to the longer days and warmer weather. It's weird that we are in opposite seasons.

    Enjoy those last beach days!

  8. Heather - New South Wales (the state I live in) has been in drought for about 10 years so we haven't had a lot of rain (along with a lot of the country). We're just coming out of it though. We usually get quite a lot of sunny days in Sydney during winter. Our winters are pretty mild too with an average of about 15 degrees C (60 degrees farenheit) so can't really complain too much.


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