Monday 29 March 2010

Four things

I'm feeling a little uninspired today. A little tired today.
So here's a meme I've found. Feel free to join in if you like:

Four jobs I've had (apart from magazines):

Waitress in a Mexican restaurant
Researcher on a radio program
Report writer for a major city's council
Flogging self-heating heat packs in a shopping centre

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Gone with the Wind
Stand By Me

Four places I've lived:

Sydney, Australia
Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago
Bakersfield, California, USA
Melbourne, Australia

Four TV Shows I love:

Law & Order
Twin Peaks
Degrassi High

Four places I've been to on holiday:


Four of my favourite dishes:

Pork dumplings
Peking duck
Spaghetti Marinara

Four sites I visit daily:

Sydney Morning Herald
Domain (a real estate site)

Four places I would rather be right now:

Swimming in Buley's Rockholes in Litchfield NP, Northern Territory
Eating lunch in Hoi An, Vietnam
Sitting on the beach in Kalbarri, Western Australia
Wandering around New York City


  1. I love memes like these. Buley's Rockholes is a favotite spot of mine too. And spookily I have also lived in Bakersfield for a short while.

  2. I lived in California for many of my years. How do you end up in Bakersfield? I love this 4 post though. You have traveled to some great places.

  3. Such a fun meme...i shall go steal it!

    I can't believe you have lived in T & T. That sounds pretty interesting. Well..exotic. What was finland like? You don't hear of people holidaying there that often! I also love Kalbarri and Litchfield Np. I went to Litchfield just after it opened after a lot of rain and it was beautiful..though you couldn't swim at the base of any of the waterfalls as they were so crazy!

  4. Mmmmm, dumplings....
    Fun meme!

  5. Ohhh love your lists. Pork dumplings and GWTW would make my lists too!

  6. I travelled with my family to the States and T&T with my dad's work.

    Clarissa - Finland is cold and dark - esp in December when I was there. Interesting and beautiful though.

  7. HIeeee...

    I loved this meme... Such a motivation one.

    I would do it sometime. I am glad i found your blog.



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