Thursday 25 March 2010

Bush ballads

AS you all know we recently returned from our beach holiday. We went to a seaside town we've visited a few times, in fact we once considered moving there a number of years ago. Being back in the big smoke I've been thinking about how different life would have been if we'd moved there. I've decided to write a list  about what I think I would love about living in this town, similar to the one I posted a couple of months ago about city life .

* Space, air, light. It's like someone drew a line in the world and painted the top half blue and the bottom half green.

* Watching the girls run, dig, splash, jump, climb, skip without yelling "Careful, watch out, stop, no."

* Buying avocados, bananas, corn from the farm. Fish and prawns straight from the sea.

* Pulling up and parking my car without driving round and round and then pulling out my credit card for the privilege.

* The beach. Need I say more?

* Walking around my home singing and dancing with the girls and not worrying about bothering the neighbours through the communal wall.

* Oh did I mention space, air and light?

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