Monday 30 November 2009

Twists and turns

I started the day off grumpy. Awoken at the usual 5am, I really could have used another hour's sleep. For most of the morning I snapped and growled. The house needed a really good clean after I had been slack while working. I started. I turned around and the girls had poured a bucket of dirt on the floor. I started again. They poured water on another floor. I started yet again. The rubbed toothpaste into the door. I started yet again. Lil-lil poured a bucket of dirt over my head as I bent down to wash our glass doors. I gave up.

After three hours the house looked worse than when I woke up.

I was ready to scream and run to the hills. The phone rang and my lovely mum, brother and nephew were offering to take Lil-lil to the zoo. She was thrilled. So was I! This one gesture made an otherwise frustrating day better.

It's funny how everything can be chaos, you can be in the worst mood and one unexpected turn in the day turns everything around!


  1. Thank God for lovely mums and brothers and nephews.=)

  2. Good to hear there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I am up at the evil 5s too.... never a good start to any sort of day.

  3. Thank goodness! Your description of you cleaning was reminding me of The Sorcerers Apprentice!!
    Hope you ended up having a lovely day!


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