Tuesday 17 November 2009

Have I reached my twilight years?

I have a confession to make. I'm not proud of it and I admit that I may have even lied about it at some point.

I don't really know what Twilight is.

There. I've said it. I feel much better now.

You're either thinking: 'What a moron! Have you been living under a rock?' or 'What's the big deal?' Well, just before having kids I spent a few years working in trashy, weekly celebrity rags, so it was my job to know anything and everything about this kind of thing. Now I don't know who these people are on the cover of the mags I once worked at. I don't know if Twilight is a book, a TV show, a cable special, a movie or all of the above. I feel like there's a whole world going on out there that is completely foreign to me. Most of all it makes me feel really old. I have no idea what the young folk are talking about these days.

I watched 60 minutes on Sunday night and caught a few minutes of their Twilight story. It really hit home then - if I need Charles Wooley to explain youth culture to me, then I'm really not part of  youth culture (or even popular culture) anymore.

Yesterday, as I walked around Ultimo in my lunch break I noticed all the young guys had this same silly haircut. What are they all thinking? It must take them ages to do, they all look ridiculous, most of all they all look like a sad bunch of clones. Uh oh, another sign of aging.

I then sat down in a small cafe, just for a minute and then had to leave. There was this god awful loud music playing.

On the bus home, two 14-year-olds behind me in their school uniform were having a very sexually explicit conversation. Something about how you have to find someone with the right sexual chemistry. That would never have happened in my day.

Know nothing about the latest craze – tick. Find the latest hairdos ridiculous – tick. Music too loud and just 'noise' – tick. Utter the words 'That never would've happened in my day' – tick.

So it's official, I'm old. Well, at the very least I'm certainly not young anymore. How on earth could this happen? I've spent years and years being young and hip!


  1. I am a fellow sufferer of "not-in-my-day" itis. I often wonder where the socially inept, geeky kids are (girls in particular) because all I see is are super-fashionable, sexually aware, articulate teenagers and they freak me out. I suppose working in the Eastern suburbs doesn't help.

    I've been avoiding Twilight but a few friends are huge fans. Wanting to see what the fuss was about, I finally watched it ... and it's alright I suppose, if melodramatic vampire teen romance is your thing. I prefer Buffy though!

  2. Fi, Michele and I had to leave the Oaks (the Oaks!!) the other night as the music was too loud and we could barely hear ourselves speak. We complained (like nanas) to one of the eighteen year old barmen and he just shrugged his shoulders and told us we could go upstairs if we didn't like it as the DJ would be increasing the volume imminently. I told him we'd be going home and he couldn't have cared less...

  3. hahaha - congratulations and welcome to nanna-hood, here's your coupon for a free blue rinse and metamucil.
    P.S - steer clear of the Twilight movie, it's rubbish, but the books are pure literary crack!! Can't get enough, even though I should definitely know better.

  4. Yeah, the Twilight movie was rubbish...but yeah, join the club, grab a bottle of wine and read the books.

    I'm officially old too. Boo hoo. Bring on the botox (and WHAT is it with the haircuts? They're just bad...)

  5. Oh OK, Twilight is a book that was made into a movie, right? I know it involves vampires, and I'm not that keen on the whole Vampire genre.I seriously don't know what Twilight is. It's as bad as that time I didn't understand how 'Deal or No Deal' worked....

    With a name like TMc you can't be old!

  6. OK, when you had a confession to make and then confessed that you didn't know what Twilight was...I responded at a whole different level to all of the other commenters (or is that commentators). I thought "I know what twilight is. It is that lovely time of early morning or evening where the light is soft and everything seems a bit gentler." Then I realised that you were talking about something altogether different. And then I had a vague memory of seeing the word "Twilight" in a bookshop.
    Mmm...you can tell that my 40th birthday is approaching (I am acutally looking forward to it!).

  7. I am still in shock that its time for us to graduate to the middle bar at the Oaks .... thought we had a few years left in us ...


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