Thursday 12 November 2009

Man cold

Our household has been hit by a very serious illness – man cold. Thankfully women are immune to this dreadful malaise, so only a quarter of our household has been struck down. Funnily enough the females in our home have colds, but it doesn't seem to be as serious as the dreaded man cold.

The symptoms of man cold appear to be similar to that of regular colds everyone suffers, just more  extreme. There is, of course, the added symptoms of excessive whinging, moaning and groaning. The patient will often think they're dying and sometimes try to find baseless reasons for their pain.

I'm hopeful that scientists will see how devastating this illness can be and develop a vaccine. I guess when the day-to-day running can still be done by the women (who are obviously not affected) they have so far seen no need. Perhaps we should start a fund-raising group. We could sell giant dummies at the train station on a special Friday we name 'Dummy Spit Day - let's spit out man cold for good'.

Women who are exposed to the effects of man cold should never, I repeat never, try to downplay the seriousness of man cold – it is a very debilitating condition, or so I'm told.

The only way to survive man cold is to put the patient in an isolated place (preferably a sound-proof room far away from the rest of the household) and take a measure of red wine or vodka (the carer, not the patient) regularly while symptoms persist. Hopefully within a day or two the illness will have passed.

PS - as you can see I have updated the design of 'A Day in the Life'. Would love to hear your thoughts. Do you love it? Hate it? Like the old one better?


  1. Luckily my husband never gets a cold. Oh no, it's always "THE FLU". Much worse than any piddling cold...

  2. My husband had a man cold on Sunday. Cough, cough, nap, cough, cough, nap. Ugh, harden up. Luckily he's taken that man cold to Japan for the week.

    Like the new blog. Feels like warm socks...I'm weird, right?

  3. We had an attack of the man cold the other week - another treatment method is to put concrete in their weeties and they can harden the f#/k up!

    Love the new blog-fashions.

  4. We had man cold in our house a few weeks ago. Unfortunately 6 year olds can also contract man cold, although 3 year olds are somewhat immune (although I am sure that this will change with age, not to mention the modelling of the older males in the house).

    As the only female in the house (even the dog is male), I think I need special sympathy for what the future holds.
    Lanie (my internet connection on my computer isn't working - hence my blogging absence)

  5. Hope the dreaded man cold has since departed! No sickness is ever as serious as the dreaded man cold/flu, we had a touch of man sickness here on Monday. I look forward to the day Master P develops symptoms.

    Love the new design!

  6. PMPL!!!!
    Truest words ever spoken!!!!!


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