Thursday, 26 November 2009

All I want for Christmas...

Watch out, two posts in one day!
Here is a sample of my list to Santa if I lived in my favourite place... Imaginaryland!

A whole quiet day to have a coffee and read a book.

This beautiful home on the headland overlooking Port Douglas.

Rockband Beatles for PS3, so I could pretend I was a Beatle all day long.

A gorgeous pearl ring, though I would have the band in white gold. But hey, since I live in Imaginaryland, I may as well go for platinum.

A girl can dream!


  1. hahaha - I think we may be the same person!!! Love the Beatles, but playing one all day would be a 'Hard Day's Night', no??

  2. Ha ha! Yes, maybe I should just 'Let it Be'....


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