Friday 20 November 2009

Singing for my supper

It seems to be the week for confessions, as I have another one...

I dream of being singer. Not just a singer, but a rock'n'roll star. A world-famous rock'n'roll star. A multi-platinum record selling, world-famous rock'n'roll star. (Well if you're going to do it, you may as well do it properly!) I'm now approaching my mid-30s and only have a 'nice' voice (as opposed to a 'great' voice) so I think this dream is planted firmly in la-la land. That's OK, I've accepted that fact.

As a lass, I was in the Australian Girls Choir and then did a bit of singing in high school musicals, I then decided if I couldn't sing with a strong, husky, bottom-of-a-whisky bottle voice I wasn't going to bother. Since having kids I find myself singing pretty much all day, every day. I've fallen in love with it all over again.

Now much to the horror of Skip, I will take any opportunity to sing. Yes, that means karaoke. I don't even need to have a few drinks under my belt, if there's a microphone and a cheesy tune –I'm in. We have the sing star game for PS2 and it often gets dragged out. I even considered buying a PS3 solely to buy the Rockstar Beatles game – can you imagine doing a whole Beatle concert in your lounge room?! (Santa are you listening??) Thankfully, I have very patient neighbours.

My girls are so used to my constant singing that they have started doing it too. They sit in the back of the car singing together. Lil-lil has even started making her own songs (my personal favourites are the 'We're on our way to pick up Dad' and 'The fish-n-chip' songs).

As much as it pains everyone else around me, I'm going to keep on singing. Like this blog, it's been a surprise love and one I'm not ready give up just yet. Writing and singing keep me sane or at least one step further away from being certifiable.

Have a musical weekend and keep cool. x


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