Sunday 6 April 2014

Spring Break!

It's spring break in our part of the world at the moment. I know it sounds like a dodgy American teen movie, but that's what they call this week of holidays. Our last week of school holidays before the final term of the academic year and our big, long Summer break over July/August. Seriously, where has the year gone?!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to go away as Skip is flat chat at work, but the kids and I have a fun and relaxing week planned at home. Now it's day one, Sunday, and we've sent Skip off to work, the kids are still in their PJs watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 licking the vegemite crumbs from their chops. Loving not having to rush out of the house at 7am to make the school bell by 7.30am.

We're planning on spending a lot of time at the beach, because in a matter of weeks it will be too hot to hit the sand. There will also be plenty of time spent in the pool. Using up every ounce of energy and making every glorious mild day a winner.

The girls love nothing more than going out for lunch, so we're going to attempt to find some half-decent sushi and maybe even a sneaky Maccas. We will of course grab a falafel roll – we'll watch as the bread puffs up in the wood-fired oven, as they freshly fry the falafels, then pile up the salad, the fluro pink pickles and homemade minted labneh and hand over the equivalent of AUD$4 for the privilege.

We'll visit the mall and check out the Lego Friends (the latest craze for my 7-year-old) and we may even watch Rio 2 at the movies.

We'll organise some playdates and catch up with school friends - which will undoubtedly involve some pool time, some Lego friends, sand balls and scooters. Silly jokes and lots of laughter. Making up dances and performances to Frozen and Katy Perry tunes.

There will be time curled up with books reading about the Wishing Jug or Rainbow Fairy adventures. Quiet time spent on Studyladder and Sumdog.

Then hopefully there will be three kids falling into bed exhausted at the end of every day! Fingers crossed.

Not a bad way to spend a week, I'm quite looking forward to it.


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