Tuesday 22 April 2014

This and that

Look how long it is since I've been here. So many times I've thought, ooh I need to write about that or that would make a good blog post and then the moment has past and I haven't typed a single word. It's frustrating.

But it looks like I have a little more time on my hands so hopefully I can be a bit more diligent with the blog posts and writing in general as I do miss it.

So a quick recap - the kids and I had a lovely spring break. We did exactly what I hoped and hung out at the pool a lot, made sushi, had playdates and took Darbs to his first movie - Rio 2, which I probably won't do again for a while! It was a really nice week and the kids and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out together. It was brilliant.

The kids are back at school and in the swing of it for the last semester of the school year. This year has just flown and I can't believe we're starting to think about end-of-year concerts and after school activities wrapping up. I'm not ready for the loooooong Dubai summer or for the next school year. The crazy thing is Darby will actually be eligible to start school (in the British system) which seems like madness to me, so that won't be happening. The baby will be kept a baby for a little while longer yet!

We've got lots to look forward to in the next few weeks - a quick getaway to Oman, family coming to  visit and all those end-of-year school things. I'm hoping to get out and do a bit more 'Dubai stuff' before the heat becomes too searing and maybe even do a few 'grown up' things, too.

Whatever the next few months bring, I really just want to concentrate on the kids (they seem to be growing up in fast forward at the moment - I swear Lil has grown a foot recently) and Skip. As well as me. I want to write more and find my little place in the world as the kids grown and need me just that little bit less.

That's what's happening in my world. What's happening in your world?


  1. It's nice to have a little catch up! I couldn't imagine Darb at school - he's still a bun, really! x

  2. sounds like the perfect plan rinno. And i can see and hear the change in your writing - that your excited to be back at the keyboard. im so glad and happy you have the time to share yourself with us too xxx


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