Sunday 30 March 2014

Baby, you can drive my car

One of the best things about being with someone for such a long time is watching them grow, change and develop. Skip and I were basically kids when we got together. Only just out of our teens.

Over the years we've changed so much as individuals and as a couple. We've done so many amazing, different and wonderful things (alongside many, many mundane things, of course). We've dreamt about things we thought would never come true. We've had things we could never have imagined come true.

When I met Skip he was a boy and now I look at him and he's a man - a wise man who can read people, who's keenly interested in the world, who works really, really hard for his family and has success and respect from those around him. He loves to read books now, he reads more than me and when I first met him he said it was 'boring'.

On the weekend, I got to help make one his dreams come true. We went out to the track and he drove a super car fast around it. When we were younger we to car shows and Skip would dream about driving a car like that, never expecting he'd get the opportunity to. It was nice to do that one small thing for him when he does so much for us.

My mother-in-law asked why I didn't have a go too and to be honest I got much more of a thrill seeing Skip's face as he pulled himself out of that sleek car than I would have had driving it.


  1. Aw thats cute Rin. Im sure Clint thought all his Christmases had come at once! I can see his face now! What a lovely gesture rin and that you got to share it with him xxx

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