Friday 13 September 2013

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

There are three standard Dubai "things" that you always get asked about as a resident. Modest clothing, alcohol and the heat.

Yes, it really is very hot. During the summer months it's not unusual to hit 48 or 49 or even 50. This year has been slightly cooler. When I say slightly cooler there were less late-40s days than normal. At present the temperature is still hitting 41 or 42 with a low of about 30 at night. The two replies I get are, "we had a 46 degree day in Sydney this year", but imagine having that day for months with no southerly buster relief. 
The second is "but it must be a dry heat, so not that bad". Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it's humid during the summer months. Fog up your sunglasses, drenched in sweat humidity. It's quite odd one day the heat is dry and then one day in June it's like someone has switched a switch and it's humid.

The next question is "what do you do??" Well the place is really built for the heat, just as cold climates are built for thr snow. Everything is air conditioned, even the bus shelters. It is easy to escape the heat. What's not easy to escape is the cabin fever, especially with 3 young kids.

So we cope by going out early while it's still cool. And when I say cool, it's about 34 or 35 at the moment in the early morning. We head to the park or the pool and soak up as much outdoors as possible. 

During the middle of the day over the weekends, we go out for lunch or go to one of the huge mega malls. Otherwise we invite people over or visit friends. There is too much screen time. There are blind eyes turned to scooters being ridden in the house and kids jumping on beds. 

The super hot weather lasts about four or so months, then we are hit with bliss. The humidity disappears, the temperature drops to bearable levels and we all head outdoors. Alfresco dining, the beach, camping, walking, desert adventures. 

To tell you the truth, I don't mind the heat, though I do get sick of it. I do miss a good southerly. And I miss a rainy day. 
I do get sick of Darbs telling me 100 times a day that he's hot. I do get sick of doing the school pick-up in the fierce heat of the day and the freyed tempers and tantrums it produces every single afternoon. 

So for now, I dream of November and winter! 


  1. No relief from the searing heat has to be a massive challenge rin. We're so used to that southerly change that makes everything feel better - especially frayed nerves!! xx

  2. I love a good southerly! Can't really complain when the rest of the year is picture perfect!


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