Sunday 15 September 2013

Cabin fever (aka a pox on your house!)

As I talked about last post it's bloody hot in Dubai at the moment. This means we're spending a lot time time cooped up indoors. To make things a little bit more difficult is the fact that the kids have had chickenpox. Lil-lil came down all spotty the first morning back in the UAE which meant a week at home. Then two weeks to the day, Goosey woke up itchy and unwell, which has meant another weekend in isolation (and at least another few days ahead).

This has led to a family who has seen the walls of our apartment for too, too long. Skip and I are starting to resemble Jack Nicholson in The Shining. It's not pretty. 

Sunday has arrived and Skip and Lil-lil have got to escape the house by heading to work and school, with, I might say, a spring in their step. The rest of us are looking forward to a pox-free weekend, where we may be able to have some fun (fingers tightly crossed that Darbs stays spot-free).

On the bright side, we did get our favourite takeaway on Friday night. The best Pakastani, nay the best food, you'll get and it was only 15 Aussie dollars. Best of all there was enough for two dinners. 

On an even brighter side, tomorrow I have to get the car registered. In Dubai, this means someone coming to pick up my car, taking it to get a safety check and then to the RTA to pay the fees and get the new registration. Then they'll drop the car and paperwork back to my home. How much easier is this??! No queuing at the RTA, no waiting around for a pink slip. That is definitely a win. 

What's doing in your house this week?


  1. A pox on your house! haha... I hope everyone survives this time of hibernation - with their marbles still intact!! The rain has just started to fall here after a month of drought. So I thinks its going to be a quiet week - except of the loud shrieks of mr toby who is learning how to make himself heard!!

  2. That dinner looks divine and so cheap! Good to see you back in blog land, I've missed reading you. Hope Goose is on the mend and Darbs doesn't get the dreaded pox.

    1. Dinner was so, so good! I was craving it in Sydney.

      Thanks, it feels good to be back. Xx

  3. Fun past time for cabin fever is the cabin within the cabin. Give kids carte blanche to use all household objects (sheets, towels, furniture, tape, clothes pegs, pillows etc.) to build forts. They can eat & sleep in them too. The mess is relatively contained and you can put it all back when spottys have gone.


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